Tuesday Feb 14, 2012

New OTN Article - Agile GlassFish

Julien Ponge has another article up on OTN about GlassFish - Adding Some Agility to Java EE Application Deployment with GlassFish with full code sample.

This new article focuses on making the most out of the current stable version of GlassFish using a combination of new Java EE 6 and GlassFish unique features.

Make sure you also read Julien's GlassFish Clustering article in the latest issue of the Java Magazine.


Thursday Sep 24, 2009

Redeployment Speed Survey (from JRebel)


The guys at ZeroTurnaround (makers of JRebel) have been running a survey on redeploy and restart turnaround time in Java App Servers that has >1100 responses so far. The survey's 3 questions ask about AppServer usage and redeploy and restart time.

Although doing a good survey is tricky - for example, in this case the sample is self-selected (but not as bad as with the Reader's Choice), the impact of (Re)Deployment tooling/configurations is unknown and the time is estimated, not measured - I think this one is useful in calling attention to the importance of the full develop/deploy/debug cycle. GFv2 did very well and v3 is even faster!

Jevgeni's analysis has some reasonable comments although some others seem unwarranted by the data. The most popular containers were Tomcat (29%), JBoss (25%), WLS (13%), WAS (12%) and GF (10%) (OC4J is 4%), with the caveat about self-selected samples. As a reminder of the importance of methodology, I'll point out that only 1 respondent listed Geronimo; readers may compare to that EDC Survey from Last Year.

Also note the impact of twitter and reddit in the comment thread - there are 117 comments as of this post... almost all of them very short 'heads-up' with no added value - sigh...

Monday Dec 17, 2007

JavaRebel 1.0.1, now with GlassFish Support (Fix-and-Continue Development)

Carton with Java Rebel

Jevgeni has announced the release of JavaRebel 1.0.1 with support for GlassFish. JavaRebel supports a fairly-rich fix-and-continue development cycle.

JavaRebel is For Fee but there is a free trial. Check out the Demo Screencast, the "executive summary" (I think he means "for managers" :-]), and the Cartoon. Let us know how it works for you.

Tuesday Nov 07, 2006

Want to Join our Team?

Photo of a Castell

I am looking for two individuals for a combination evangelist / Advanced Development job working with the multiple open source middleware communities covered by TheAquarium.

The job requires good verbal and written communication skills, strong team attitude, high energy, good technical background and the ability to travel to a few SunTech days and conferences. I have some leeway to adjust the job depending on the specific individual - the coding can range from full-fledged AD to samples.

A short summary is: I want people that visit our communities to react with a: Wow! Cool! I want it!. Your task is to show them what we have and contribute so we have even more cool stuff.

Ideally I am looking for one person in the Americas and one in Eurasia but I have flexibility. My top priority is to hire smart and motivated people. If you are interested let me know.

Now back to the regular news and announcements :-).