Friday Jun 14, 2013

FREE Virtual Developer Day: Java SE, Java EE, Java Emebedded on Jun 19th and 25th

Virtual Developer Day:

When ?

Jun 19, 2013, 9am - 1pm PDT
Jun 25, 2013, 8am - 12pm GMT

Where ?

Register online

What ?
  • HTML5 applications, improved developer productivity, and meeting enterprise demands using Java EE 7
  • What's new in Java that helps you begin programming on a wide range of embedded devices
  • Language improvements in Java SE to accelerate application development

Continuing from the recently concluded Java EE 7 launch, this Virtual Developer Day has lots of new and exclusive content showcasing code-intensive deep dive demos of the new Java EE 7 technologies.

Make sure to register and bring all your Java EE 7 questions to engage with the JSR specification leads.

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Thursday Nov 22, 2007

GlasFish Developer FAQ Now Available

Screenshot of Developer FAQ

Gail has announced that there is now a Developer FAQ to complement the User FAQ.

Please contribute your Qs and your As.

Sunday Jun 04, 2006

Promotion on Developer Support for SJS AS 9.0 (GlassFish)


There is a 50% discount on Sun's Developer Expert Assistance Service (program, announcement) which now also supports the Java EE 5 SDK with SJS AS 9.0 (Project GlassFish).

This is one of a series of promos that includes also a hardware discount of up to 35% on Ultra 20 Workstations. There are also several training offers, but I'll do a separate highlight on those.

The photo is from the 100 city tour, which included Barcelona, which has significant center of the Casteller activity.