Sunday Oct 11, 2009

One More Update on OpenWorld and GlassFish

Oracle OpenWorld started today. Family commitments didn't let me go there today (do check OpenWorld Live) but I'm planning to be there Mon-Wed. I just tried to capture a few of the events I want to attend and it is as bad as JavaOne - actually, OOW seems worse, but I'm just sampling it, while I try to be exhaustive with J1.

I created a Mini-Calendar to help me track what I want to attend (ha!); you are welcome to check it but beware I've not had time to double check it yet and I need to add events also.

Anyhow, here is a last batch of links on the event:


Key entry points from Oracle include OpenWorld WebSite, OpenWorld Live (keynotes et al, starting in 1 hour), and OpenWorld Blogs (looks very good).

Added - The conference can also be sliced per-track, see: Middleware, Applications, DataBase, Industries and Management and Infrastructure.

Links from Sun's site include Sun.Com/java/oow, Sun.Com/software/solaris/oow, SDN Overview and OOW @ BSC.

Added - Sun and Oracle are making several announcements during the conference; check this very good Overview Story.

There are multiple Pavillions; Oracle OpenWorld is Mon & Tue 10:30-6:30, Wed 9-5:15; Oracle Develop is Sun 10-3:45, Mon 9:30-12:45 & 2:15-5:30, Tue 11-5:30.

Multiple Sun folks have been posting "I'll be there" entries. Check these from JAG, TimBray, Vijay Tatkar, SteveW, JFA.

The bloggers meeting is Tuesday evening; see OTN, Pythian and Jillian's

OTN has a Guide to the Event. Also worth checking their list of OTN ACE presenters. I also found it interesting to see the level of transparency in their discussion of how to Mutate the TechCast DNA.

The GF Server presentations are listed in our Wiki: Sessions and Demos. Also see MEP demo (will update if I find more).