Saturday May 26, 2007

Slynkr with JavaDB

Slynkr Logo

Slynkr is an Open Source Social Tagging project that was recently added to the GlassFish community. The project started with a couple of Sun-internal special efforts and both of those used an Oracle DB but Jamey has just expanded it to also work with Java DB/ Derby.

Check Jamey's blog for more details.

Wednesday Feb 21, 2007

Ruby on Rails on GlassFish and with an Embedded Derby

Derby Logo

Ashish is making Rails apps run well on GlassFish, and has been writing about it. His latest writeup describes how to take a RoR app, deploy it into GlassFish and have it use a Derby database embedded (the alternative is remote, where Derby runs in a separate process).

A few gotcha's, so check Ashish's blog for details if you are to do this.

Thursday Nov 23, 2006

FOSS.IN 2006 Starts on Friday - Looks Very Good!


The FOSS.IN 2006 conference starts tomorrow in Bangalore and it looks really good. Check out the Schedule, which includes presentations on GlassFish, Portal, OpenSSO, OpenJDK, OpenSolaris, NetBeans, OpenOffice, Derby and much more.

More perspectives from Sahoo, Sivakumar, Moinak, Joe, Madhu and Pratibha.

I think I need to start planning to attend next year :-)

Wednesday Apr 12, 2006

Using Derby in Applications


Here is a collection of useful posts on Derby or JavaDB from Sun. The first article give a good overview of how to write an application using JavaDB in desktop applications. Of course, there is support for JavaDB in NetBeans 5.0 including application container clients. Finally, Cheng describes different ways to manage JavaDB and has some tips in case you are trying to run Derby scripts from the command line.

The Java DB Community Page has other useful links and bloggers, including Max, David, Francois, Lance, and Bernt.