Wednesday Aug 27, 2008

... GF v3 Memory Consumption, Rails App in 15 minutes, Managing JRuby Instances, OpenMQ 4.3, and Solaris on Dell

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Jason provides early indications of Improved Memory Consumption in GlassFish v3. Since GFv3 Prelude is early in the cycle of GFv3, expect further improvements over the life of the release family.

Charles has a detailed description of how to write a Rails App on GlassFish using the latest run-time/packagings. And Jacob describes improvements he is working on for dynamically managing the pool of JRuby instances in GlassFish.

From the OpenMQ Team, more Details on OpenMQ 4.3, which will be part of GlassFish v2.1. Proposed new functionality includes a REST Messaging API, AIX support, more platforms, STOMP Support, and more. As always, provide feedback to the team at Users at

And from OnTheRecord... the Original Announcement was last year and now we have the product: Solaris on Dell is finally here: Solaris@Dell.COM, Online Configurator.

Sunday Nov 18, 2007

Week Highlights - OpenSSO, Gartner, Solaris, OpenMQ...

Where is Waldo

• Adoption News: It just works, China, Gartner
• Web Services: Jersey and REST, Metro and SOAP
• Wanted: UpdateCenter Ideas
• Learning: Intro to OpenMQ, JMS 102, GF Book.
• Tips: Where is my Servlet?
• GlassFish v3 Progress: Maven, Mephisto, GFv3 GEM, Java EE 6
• Other: Solaris and Dell

Thursday Nov 15, 2007

Solaris and Dell

Sun/Dell Logo

Yesterday's big announcement was that Dell was going to distribute Solaris on some PowerEdge servers. check out Jonathan's blog and Barton's History line. As JimG points out, this is a good validation of the benefits of widespread adoption of a technology.

For additional info, check Sun's Press Release and this eWeek article.

Now, what I want is to see more hardware and software companies OEMing the GlassFish AppServer! We already have Ubuntu, drop me an email if you are interested :-)

Thursday May 24, 2007

GlassFish One-Click Away from your Dell Desktop?

Ubuntu on Dell

Your GlassFish v1 is now just one apt-get away from your Dell computer! Following on the Initial Announcement , today Dell announced that Feisty Fawn is now Now Available on three of their consumer computers!

I want to join Barton and many in congratulating Dell and Ubuntu