Thursday Mar 04, 2010

GlassFish in February


The breadth and depth of the community is nicely illustrated by the variety of recent GlassFish-related blog posts. First, long time GlassFish supporter Masoud has a very detailed (it's actually a chapter of a book) OpenMQ from A to Z entry. On the operations side, Byron has a set of two posts on How to Run GlassFish V3 as a Service on Linux Ubuntu/Debian and a follow-up on using a non-root Service (see also thisGentoo variation by Jason), while Felipe's on provisioning GlassFish v3 resources with asadmin.

In the "nice words" category, Juliano has a nicely written "Java Enterprise Development - 2010 style" piece and Maksim says "GlassFish is becoming new de facto standard in Java applications. Development with new GlassFish v3 server and Eclipse now is really fast and comfortable. Server starts within a second, JEE6 is fully supported and hot code replacement works as it should.".

On the Java EE 6 and web tier side we have Bobby sharing a tool for exploring the platform, Aleksey discussing a "Grizzly 2.0: simple authentication example", while Justin puts GlassFish embedded to work with Wicket. Rene has a two-part article on running a Java EE 6 Client Application with Netbeans 6.8 and GlassFish V3 - Part 1: Creating a Basic Application and Part 2: Enhancing and Deploying the Application while Jacob goes through the simple setup to have GlassFish and Intellij 9 work together.

So while we wait for the GlassFish roadmap, we've seen one of the busiest month ever for February on the user mailing list and this recent message from the GlassFish Product Management "GlassFish, and by extension, Metro, are strategic Oracle products". Exciting times ahead!

Tuesday Aug 19, 2008

... OpenJDK in Debian, Wotif and OpenMQ, New Bloggers, Wonderland 0.4, Solaris Features

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

From Barton, confirmation that OpenJDK is in Debian (in Lenny). That makes Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and Debian; OpenJDK is also available for RedHat and CentOS. Not bad!

New Sun bloggers: Jacob has started writing about Ruby and Rails as a new engineer in the GLassFish Scripting team, and Michael will provide his Experiences in OpenESB from interactions with its customers. Welcome to both!

Wotif.COM is now a Formal GlassFish Reference, including its use of OpenMQ.

From the WonderBlog an announcement of the Release of Wonderland 0.4.

Joerg has two new multi-part series on Solaris, one covers CacheFS, the other the JumpStart Enterprise Toolkit.

Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

... IDEA 8.0; First OpenSSO Express; SilverLight and Metro; xVM Server demo; OEM of VirtualBox

A compilation of today's interesting news:

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From JetBrains team - the release of the first Milestone of IntelliJ IDEA 8.0; including GlassFish Server support (of course); it claims to be a substantial revamp from 7.0.

Arun shows how to Access Metro from MS Silverlight. I'll come clean - I am using Silverlight to watch the Badminton Games from the Beijing Olympics.

OpenSSO is now available in the First Express Build - b5.

Sun's Press Release on OEM Deals around VirtualBox; OEM is one more way to monetize Open Source investment - we are seeing similar opportunities around our middleware OSS offerings.

Barton reports from DebCon in Mar del Plata; it looks like there is a good chance of OpenJDK being included in Lenny; keep fingers crossed.

Steve (Wilson) demoes xVM Server to redmonk's Cote.

Saturday Jul 05, 2008

Faster Deployment of GlassFish in Eclipse


NetBeans and Eclipse both support the GlassFish Server (see other posts at TA: NetBeans and Eclipse). Sun is more invested in NB and the support there has been traditionally better (e.g. see Adam's note) but the Eclipse support is improving too.

Markus reports on two simple ways to Speed-up Deployments into GlassFish from Eclipse. The first involves a workaround using asadmin deploydir to do directory deployment. The other involves selectively turning off Anti-Virus checking. In his case, the combination sped up deployment by 40%.

BTW, Markus had an earlier post worth checking out: GlassFish v2 on Debian or Ubuntu.

Sunday Dec 23, 2007

Week Highlights - GFv2UR, IzPack, Grizzly, Banking, Debian, Fix-and-Continue

The big news was the Release of GFv2UR1 (Rate it!) but there were many other news:


• Web Services - Dynamic WADL, Metro Releases, JAX-WS Handlers
• Web.Next - jMaki 1.0.3, and GWT
• Community - IzPack ([1], [2]), Debian, Fix-and-Continue, Localization
• Many Releases - Grizzly 1.7, JAXB 2.1.6, Social Network
• Adoption - Banking on GlassFish
• Telco - SailFin Toolin

Monday Dec 17, 2007

Yesterday Ubuntu, Today Debian, Tomorrow? - GlassFish in FOSS Distros


Very good news! GlassFish v2 is now in Debian. The best part? I don't recognize any of the package maintainers; Open Source at its best!

Thanks to Barton and Ken for the tip! Happy Holidays!

Tuesday Nov 07, 2006

More GlassFish on Ubuntu ... Will be Included in Distros...


A quick follow-up to our Previous Report: Canonical has announced that it will bundle GlassFish in its distributions. Check this CNet News piece. This is very good news; we hope to see additional bundling opportunities in the future...

Saturday Nov 04, 2006

GlassFish on Ubuntu


Harpreet is an Ubuntu Fan, and Rick Also Likes Ubuntu. Since next week is Ubuntu Developer's Summit, Harpreet decided to do a more careful check on the status on GlassFish on Ubuntu. The result is that it already passes almost all tests - Check his Blog.

I know that Harpreet and a few other members of the GF community are going to the Summit, so we will report any new developments from there.