Tuesday Apr 02, 2013

Generic JPA DAO/Repository Implementation

The DAO (aka Repository in Domain-Driven Design parlance) is a pervasive design pattern in server-side applications today. If you have a very large number of DAOs that are fairly homogenous/CRUD based, it can be very useful to have a generic version that you can then subclass as needed. German author and celebrated Java EE advocate Adam Bien actually took the time to create generic JPA based DAO code and generously share it with us all.

I encourage you to take a look and discuss the code, preferably with Adam (or here if you wish). If you are the open source hacker sort, you could even consider giving the code more airtime by adding it to a separate project perhaps under something like Apache DeltaSpike.

Monday Apr 01, 2013

Java EE@33rd Degree 2013

33rd Degree 2013 was held in historic Warsaw, Poland on March 13-15. For those unaware, dubbed "the Conference for Java Masters" this is the premier Java conference for Poland. It attempts to bring together elite speakers in the Java community across the globe. Some notable speakers this year included Tim Berglund, Adam Bien, Ted Neward, Dan North, Simon Ritter, Venkat Subramaniam, Geertjan Wielenga and Kai Wahner.

I delivered three full-house talks - my talk on Java EE 7 (our flagship talk), a talk on WebSocket/JSR 356 and my DDD/next-generation Java EE BluePrints talk. More details on the sessions and 33rd Degree, including the slide decks and code, posted on my personal blog.

Thursday Nov 08, 2012

Java EE/GlassFish@Java2Days

Java2Days 2012 was held in Sofia, Bulgaria on October 25-26. This was the third installment of the premier Java conference for the Balkan region, having three separate tracks for Java, the Cloud and Mobile. It attracted over a thousand enthusiastic, bright young developers and a number of world class speakers.

There were no less than three full-house sessions on Java EE/GlassFish - one on Java EE 7, one on Domain-Driven Design using Java EE 6 and one on JSR 356/WebSocket. More details on Java EE/GlassFish@Java2Days, including slides and code examples, posted here.