Thursday Oct 12, 2006

Is your data really safe ?

Frank has a new entry (er, thesis) on Data Integrity. Rather than leaving the discussion at 2PC - he looks in some detail at disk failure modes and transaction log strategies. Is your data safe ?

Monday Sep 11, 2006

Logging Galore -- Phobos, TopLink Essentials, Java SE....

Logbook from Grand Turk

Logs (and printf()s) are very useful; here are 3 related blogs on this area. The first two show logging for TopLink Essentials (TLE). Adam talks about doing Simple JavaPersistence / SQL monitoring using the machinery included in GlassFish instead of using a JDBC driver like p6spy. Then Wonseok explains how to use the Java Logger when using TLE with Java SE.

Meanwhile, Phobos now has an all-JavaScript logging mechanism like Jakarta Logging. Check Roberto's blog; you will need to rebuild Phobos, this is not included in the current binary build.