Monday Feb 04, 2008

Sparky's AlterEgo is a Black Horse - GlassFish Downloads in Dec 07 and Jan 08

TSS recently had a thread on Oracle Buying BEA based on a post by Rod Johnson where he described Glassfish as "a dark horse" (after Oracle and IBM) in the AppServer race. Download Numbers were mentioned but I didn't have the latest stats for GlassFish handy.

A Photo of a Black Horse

I just got the Dec and January numbers:

• GlassFish AppServer: Dec 07 - 440K, Jan 08 - 460K
• GlassFish AppServer, excluding NB downloads: Dec 07 - 135K, Jan 08 - 160K
All Downloads from GF community: Dec 07 - +460K, Jan 08 - +500K

As a reference, based on the statistics from SourceForge, for JBoss:

• JBoss AppServer: Dec 07 - 85K, Jan 08 - 92K
All Downloads from Dec 07 - 170K, Jan 08 - 179K

Caveats - these are completed downloads (not just attempted); I'm undercounting a few categories to be conservative; I didn't count all the artifacts as we have not automated this; I only have access to downloads from Sun.COM and Java.Net sites; hopefully I'm looking at the right place for JBoss stats - if not, I'm sure somebody will let me know :-).

Anyhow, like always, this and other indicators are just an approximation to adoption, but all our indicators show a very positive trend.

PS. Wikipedia is always fun; while looking for an image for a Dark Horse I learned that truly Black Horse is very rare, and that Friesian Horses are a good example, and that their ancestors were good War Horses; which, somehow, seems apropos :-)