Thursday May 04, 2006

From Finding Nemo to CRUD - and see you at NetBeans Day!

A Clown Fish

Pavel sees all the attention that his CRUD on NetBeans is getting (at The Aquarium, SunTech Day and elsewhere) and reflects on the satisfaction of Seing a Baby Grow up (like in Finding Nemo).

Check Pavel's blog for some technical details about the approach taken to generate the App (one-way generation into JPA and JSF) but you will see all details at NetBeans Day and at JavaOne.

Tuesday May 02, 2006

The Rails Lesson, GlassFish and NetBeans

Rails Logo

Ruby on Rails certainly has triggered a lot of attention and it is raising the bar on ease of development for CRUD (or BREAD!). One can argue about maintenability or Greenfield but the experience of the first few minutes is undoubtable good, so I expect people to try to match or exceed it.

In a recent blog, Geertjan talks about CRUD in two blogs on The Best Feature in NB 5.5 [1] and [2], and Tim reflects on that at Rails Lesson. Let's see what else shows up at JavaOne...

PS. It is hard for TA to accuratedly track all the relevant activity in NetBeans-land, but one recent blog worth checking is this List of New Features in NB 5.5.

Monday Feb 13, 2006

JSF, CRUD and NetBeans support


Pavel's blog Next Step: Generate Simple JSF Application talks about generating a web front end using JSF and the CRUD pattern. Looks like he implemented the wizard just before blogging and people found it useful. The front end is for Java Persistence entity classes described in his previous blog Generate entity classes from DB.