Tuesday Aug 29, 2006

Deploying from Creator to GlassFish

Winston Prakash's photo

Some time ago Marco showed how to Deploy Apps Developed with Sun Java Studio Creator to GlassFish. In that approach, the JSF implementation used is that inside the WAR created by Creator. Winston shows how to deploy Using the JSF 1.2 in GlassFish.

Check his blog for details and note that he is specifically recommending to use V1 UR1 B08 or newer because of recent fixes to the JSF implementation.

Wednesday Jun 07, 2006

jMaki - creating Ajax style widgets


Greg describes how to use jMaki to provide a Java interface to the Google AJAX search API. You can follow the steps he outlines (includes the code) or go to project jMaki and download the early access release which contains the application.

Looks like the tutorial divas were inspired by Greetjan's blog on jMaki and set out to see if they could use jMaki from the Creator IDE. Turns out the answer is yes. Complete instructions are included in case you want to try it out.

Friday Feb 03, 2006

Google Search and other Portlets...

Gates of Paradise

The Creator 2 team has produced several good whitepapers describing how they support Portlets, including Writing a Portlet application, Portlets with AJAX and Writing a GoogleSearch WS Porlet (some bloggers are GregZ, David and Nav).

Creator 2 includes SJS AS (GlassFish's ancestor), and uses Pluto for development (for deployment at the least it supports SJS PS). Creator and Pluto should work with GlassFish; I asked David which versions they used and they told me that they just copy pluto-1.0.1.jar and portlet-api-1.0.jar file to the "appserver_install_dir/lib" directory. We will highlight it when we confirm the details.