Tuesday Aug 30, 2011

Remembering Ken Cavanaugh

Our friend and Sun/Oracle colleague Ken Cavanaugh passed away last Thursday.

Ken was a patient, dedicated and talented engineer and better known to many as Mr. CORBA. He has shared with many of us in the GlassFish team his core values and will be remembered as a distinguished engineer and a true gentleman.

Our condolences go to Ken's wife Linda and son Ian and to all his friends. If you knew Ken or had interacted with him, please consider writing a note. You'll also find the scholarship fund created in his memory here.

Thursday Apr 30, 2009

Mercurial Micro-News - GlassFish/Corba, Kenai and OpenOffice.org


GlassFish is taking a Detour Through SVN but since the plan is still to go to Mercurial I keep an eye on adoption news and noticed these two from BSC: OOo's Pilot Program and Ken's note on Corba and Kenai.

From a quick visit to the Mercurial site some more news:

SourceForge Support
Python Switching to Hg,
GSoC Projects
• Google Code Supports Hg.

Most modern projects at Sun are going to Mercurial, including OpenSolaris and OpenJDK; two that switched to Bazaar are Drizzle and MySQL. And Kenai Supports GIT, SVN and Mercurial (need to check if they plan to support Bazaar).

Added - Other related projects on Mercurial include NetBeans and JavaMail.

Wednesday Sep 24, 2008

... Facelets in JSF 1.2, Brazil, Passwords in OpenDS, Corba and Grizzly, Using SocialSite, and gPhone

A compilation of today's news of interest (with some lag, as we rush towards GFv3 Prelude):

Radio Receiver Icon

Kanthi at OpenDS explains the importance of Password Management in an LDAP server like OpenDS and points to a longer, more technical, description check out the corresponding Page at the OpenDS Wiki

Kohsuke just came back from his 5-city, 7-talk Tour du Brasil. It surely looks like he had a lot of fun there, and reached out to many people. And Arun just arrived there! His first report is from the JUG in Brasilia, but he will stay there through next week, including the first Sun TechDay in Sao Paolo (check out the Schedule).

Facelets is in JSF 2.0 - check out Chapter 10 in the EDR2 - but Arun has a detailed description of How to Use Facelets with JSF 1.2..

Ken (from Corba) is working with the Grizzly folks to try to incorporate the improved ByteBuffer management mechanism. Check out Ken's writeup, and, if you have questions, you can bring them in tomorrow's Webinar on Grizzly/Grizzly2.

From the SocialSite group, first a How to Social Enable screencast, and here is a note on The Shinding Java Internals.

And, finally, the tech news of the yesterday was the long-awaited release of android, the Google Phone. Sampling just few sources: LA Times on G1 vs iPhone, Hands-on video and Comparison Table. And the Google-Phone Blog.

Saturday Oct 20, 2007

GlassFish CORBA Moving to Mercurial

Hg in the Periodic Table

The plan is for the main GlassFish projects to move to Mercurial (see related entries). Recently, Jerome explained that the core project was taking a detour through SVN, but in the case of the GlassFish-CORBA project Ken reports they are transitioning directly from TeamWare (like OpenSolaris).

Tuesday Oct 09, 2007

New Features in Japex 1.1.1 -

Japex Logo

Santiago has posted Japex 1.1.4, the GlassFish WS and XML performance tool. The new release addresses new customers, including CORBA (the new japex.singleClassLoader property) and a multi-user simulation (japex.runIterationDelay).

Rapid interaction between customers and developers is a key benefit of Transparent Development; this is a good example. Check more details in Santiago's Blog.

Sunday Jun 25, 2006

Generating Dynamic RMI-IIOP Ties and Skeletons - And ORB for GlassFish v2

The Earth from Apollo 17

The CORBA implementation was recently Released as part of Project GlassFish. In his most recently blog entry, Ken describes how Stubs and Skeletons are Dynamically Generated in the current implementation to substantially reduce deployment time (full details are here).

Although this CORBA implementation is very solid, there are changes planned in the near future and Ken also mentions some of them (also check the GlassFish-Corba home page). As with all components in Project GlassFish, we are actively interested in participation; if you are interested contact the team or Ken directly.

The photo: the Earth from Apollo 17, a fairly small Orb, as galactic objects go, but a bit bigger than other famous orbs.

Tuesday May 16, 2006

CORBA Open Source Project in GlassFish Community

Waving Duke

CORBA (wikipedia) is like JAXP, JAXB and JAX-WS: it lives in both Java SE and Java EE. We are now following those examples and making CORBA open source on its own project as part of the GlassFish community. Check the home page at GlassFish-Corba and the introductory blog by Ken Cavanaugh.