Wednesday May 11, 2011

Oracle GlassFish Server Control DataSheet

What is the difference between GlassFish Open Source Edition (OSE) and Oracle GlassFish Server (OGS)? If we got a dollar for every time one of us was asked this question we might have a simple monetization strategy.


The short answer is listed on the the main page: GlassFish Server Control.

This set of value-add software for enhanced and a more streamlined use of GlassFish in production is integrated in the Oracle-branded bits (available on OTN for evaluation) and now has an updated datasheet.

This covers Performance Tuner, Active Cache for GlassFish, Monitoring Scripting Client, Oracle Access Manager (Single Sign-on) Interoperability, Load Balancer Configurator and Plugin and Domain Administration Server Backup and Recovery. Remember that you can also upgrade from the Open Source bits to the Oracle GlassFish Server product using the update center.

Sunday Mar 13, 2011

GlassFish 3.1 SOTD #12 - Oracle GlassFish Server Value-Added Features (GlassFish Server Control)

In this twelfth post of the SOTD (Screencast Of The Day) series following the release of GlassFish 3.1, here is Chris' GlassFish Server Control.

Oracle GlassFish Server Control is a for-fee set of features, it comes bundled with Oracle GlassFish Server and available for free trial.

This 9-minute demo Chris introduces Oracle GlassFish Server Control, a set of additional features for paying customers that go beyond what is available in the community edition to improve enterprise production deployments. This includes DAS backup and recovery, Performance Tuner, Monitoring Scripting client, ActiveCache for GlassFish, Oracle Access Manager Integration, and Load-balancer plugin & installer.

The video also includes a demo of the monitoring scripting client and the automatic domain backup. Other features are covered in other screencasts in this series.

This screencast is hosted on the GlassFish YouTube Channel.

Thursday May 13, 2010

Introducing the Oracle GlassFish Server Control

I had missed the new name for the old Sun GlassFish Enterprise Manager - it is now called the Oracle GlassFish Server Control, and we have just published its Data Sheet.  Also in the official Oracle documentation you can find the Data Sheet for Oracle GlassFish Server, as well as the System Requirements and the FAQ.

All these are available from the official product page at And the pricing is from the Official Price List :)

Added Also see Alexis's post on eDelivery links.

Wednesday Sep 09, 2009

News Features in OpenDS 2.2 Control Panel: Managing Multiple Servers and Recurrent Tasks


OpenDS continues to move forward after the Release of Sun OpenDS Standard Edition this last July. As indicated in the Roadmap the next release is OpenDS 2.2, scheduled for this Fall.

The Roadmap describes a number of features, including Fractional Replication and LDAP Accessible ChangeLog, but Ludo has just published two features in the Control Panel, the ability to Manage Multiple Servers and Support for Recurrent Tasks.

Added - See Ludo's latest post on the Availability of OpenDS 2.1 build-1; and check out his explanation of the OpenDS Release Numbering System.

Monday Sep 18, 2006

Running Mercurial on GlassFish

Liquid-looking Hg

Here are instructions, from Martin, on how to Run Mercurial on GlassFish. For more information on Mercurial, check: Wiki home page, Features, Quick Start, and Map of CVS Concepts. Also see our earlier blog and Neuron's blog.