Thursday Apr 05, 2012

Contribute to GlassFish in Five Different Ways

GlassFish has a lot to offer from Java EE 6 compliance, HA & Clustering, RESTful administration, IDE integration and many other features. However a recent blog by Markus, a GlassFish Champion, said something different:

Ask not what GlassFish can do for you, but ask what you can do for GlassFish!

JFK Inaugural Address

Markus explained how you can easily contribute to GlassFish without being a programming genius. The preparatory steps are simple:

• First of all: Don't be afraid!
• Prepare yourself - Get up to speed!

And then specific suggestions with cross-referenced documents:

• Review, Suggest and Add Documentation!
• Help Others - be a community hero!
• Find and File Bugs on Releases!
• Test-drive Promoted Builds and Release Candidates!
• Work with Code! Get things done!

Are you ready to contribute to GlassFish ? Read more details in Markus's blog.