Sunday Jan 13, 2008

Week Highlights - Holidays, Jersey, Metro, SPECweb2005, Production-Ready ...

I've not done a Weekly since Dec 23rd due to the Holiday Break (Bon Nadal!). Many people Took the Break but the is still plenty of content:


• Hudson - News Roundup, Works Like a Charm and You can Help.
• Web.Next - jMaki with Jersey, Social Network Bundle and a RESTful Toolkit
• HowTo - Using Metro, LifeRay, Continuum, Spring 2.5 and Mod_Proxy
• Advocacy - New GUG, Atlanta and Sydney, Comet and Grizzly Slides and the GAP Program
• Adoption - Kind Words, December Stats and GF blogs Around the World
• Ready for Production - Overwiew, Migration and new SPECweb2005 Record
• Future - GFv3 Map, New gem and Podcast, HK2 and NB6 and Sailfin M3
• New Releases - JDK 6 U4 and JSF Components from Woodstock and Manor Rock
• Misc - A Troubleshooting Guide and Reducing CO2

Saturday Jan 05, 2008

Continuum on GlassFish

Continuum logo

If you're a Continuum user, here's are the simple steps to make the software run on GlassFish v2. This is a slightly more detailed version of this one from the product documentation. It is valid for the Continuum 1.1 release from late last year.

These steps could be even simpler if this was turned into an GlassFish Update Center module. Such a module could of course deploy the application (the WAR artifact) but more importantly create the JDBC resources before doing so using the Addon Configurator Interface ([1], [2]).

Overall, the GlassFish + JavaDB integration seems to be a simple, yet effective solution for many users.