Sunday Jan 16, 2011

Jabberwocky - Chuk's Jabber container for GlassFish


GlassFish now has Jabber container, courtesy of Chuk Munn Lee. In a two-part blog, Chuk describes his motivations and how you can get started with the software.

In part 1, Chuk discusses how building this as a first class citizen in GlassFish (as a container) simplifies writing Jabber components with the added benefit of using the application server lifecycle, management and monitoring "for free".

This work is based on igniterealtime's Tinder, a Java based XMPP library and part 2 of the series has all the details to get you started: how to install the container in GlassFish 3.0.1 (copy 2 files), how to install and configure an Openfire server, how to create and list xmpp configurations using GlassFish's asadmin to set subdomains and shared secret and finally, how to configure and deploy two .xar sample applications (with a standard "asadmin deploy" of course). You'll find the entire code on the Jabberwocky project.

You might recall another recently published GlassFish container: the Play Framework Container for GlassFish.
Writing GlassFish containers isn't hard!

Update: JAXenter has an interview with Chuk about Jabberwocky

Wednesday Nov 01, 2006

Portlet Container project - Charging ahead..

The Portlet Container project (sub-project of the Portal project) is speeding along.. Infact, quite literally. As part of milestone v1, the project has produced a "Driver" that provides an environment to interact with portlets running in the Portlet Container.

For more details, check out Deepak's commentary on the Driver (Update: in particular, you may want to sample the cool demo).