Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

Java 6 Update 10, en route for JavaFX

Java Logo

Update 10 of JDK 6 was recently made available and is being announced today. Don't be fooled by the numbering, Java 6 Update 10 is an important release for anything desktop in Java and of course for the upcoming Java FX release later this year. Of course, Java 6 Update 10 can also run GlassFish and other server-side jobs (the custom applet loading screen just isn't as useful in that case...).

"Update 10" (also referred to as the "Consumer JRE") has a very nicely redone Java Plugin with "draggable applets" (probably blurring yet even more the lines between RIA, RDA, and other silly acronyms :-). Also part of the release are a new Swing look-and-feel, the Java Kernel and QuickStarter, a new comprehensive install /deploy set of tools (JavaScript & Java), and more. This earlier detailled article goes into more details.

Finally, I'm enjoying very much "ThePlanetarium" as a source of information for all things Java SE (similar to what we do here on TheAquarium). Danny has a great list of resources for Java 6 Update 10.