Wednesday Dec 14, 2011

GlassFish Wiki has moved

As indicated last month, the GlassFish Wiki now has a new home: (with the shorthand being still valid).

It should look and feel very similar to what you've been used to as this uses the same underlying Confluence software.

The most important change is probably that the Wiki is now Oracle SSO-protected.


While at the time of writing, the older wiki is still accessible, it's going away any day now with redirects to the newer instance. If you have questions or concerns, please email wiki @

Other notable GlassFish-related wikis that have migrated as well include Jersey, UpdateCenter, and IpsBestPractices. With this migration out of the way, I think we're done with Sun->Oracle migrations as far as GlassFish is concerned.

Sunday Jan 11, 2009

Confluence on GlassFish v3


We had already reported on how to run Atlassian Confluence on GFv2. The Confluence Documentation still lists GF as "Does Not Work" so Tony just checked out again, this time with GF v3 Prelude and it Ran Successfully after increasing the heap size.

Hopefully the Documentation will get updated to record that but the ideal is still for Atlassian to formally support Confluence and JIRA on GlassFish. There are RFEs for both of them ([1], [2]) and Kohsuke recently added Cargo Support to facilitate this, but, quite reasonably, Atlassian is most interested in customer demand (see comments from Mike CB), so add your voice if you are their customer...

Monday Oct 06, 2008

Cargo Support for GlassFish v2


Kohsuke has added Cargo support for GlassFish v2. Cargo is a popular mechanism for automatic some container tasks; check out the website and their examples.

A direct motivator for Cargo support was Atlassian JIRA-14604 (see Atlassian Support for GF). We will see if it helps...

Thursday Jun 14, 2007

Confluence on GlassFish... on your Mac Mini

Back Angle on a Mac Mini

Here is a neat one: Paul has complete instructions for running Confluence on MacOS X. Paul sent me the pointer to a live instance but I'm worry about overloading his Mac Mini so here is a screenshot instead. Paul also has directions on installing Roller.

MacOS X seems a good match for consumer applications of GlassFish, now with GFv2 but even more with GFv3; get your MacOS X download from here (or here or here).