Tuesday Oct 29, 2013

*raine Trip Report (Lorraine & Ukraine)

Last week, I had the opportunity to talk about Java EE 7 in Nancy (Lorrraine - France) and Kiev (Ukraine).
The first event was arranged by the local Lorraine JUG while the second one was a largest conference organised by the Ukraine Java User Group. Based on the overall feedback and discussions I had during those two events, it is clear that the WebSocket API (JSR 356) is really a hot topic.

And travel issues aside, I have really enjoyed my time during those two events. Thanks to both JUGs for having me!

A more detailed report can be found on my personal blog.

Tuesday Jan 22, 2013


The 12th edition of FOSDEM will take place during the 1st week-end of February in Brussels, Capital of Europe. FOSDEM stands for "Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting", it is recognized as the best Free Software and Open Source event in Europe, it's also probably the largest one!

Among the many topics, Java will be widely covered during the week-end in the Free Java devroom.

If you are around, make sure to join, attendance is free! And if you want to discuss on GlassFish and Java EE, I'll be around as every year.

To learn more about FOSDEM, just listen Episode 67 of the Java Spotlight.

Thursday Feb 23, 2012

Back from Jfokus 2012 - Java EE 7 with slides and demos

If you were not lucky to attend this year's Jfokus conference in Stockholm, Sweden, you can get to a lot of the material presented there including Arun's Cloud/PaaS and Java EE 7 presentations :

"Java EE 7 - Developing for the Cloud"
"PaaSing a JavaEE Application"


Wednesday Nov 30, 2011

Devoxx 2011 - OTN Interviews now available

Devoxx was a blast again this year and while the sessions are not yet on Parleys (Stephan promised they will be there before Christmas), but the Devoxx'11 space has been created and contains 19 interviews done by OTN's Tori Wieldt.

These interviews are very diverse with more than half were recorded with community members such as Stephan "Devoxx" Janssen himself, LJC's Martijn Verburg, performance guru Kirk Pepperdine, and more.

Devoxx OTN interviews

The Oracle participants cover Java SE (the strategy with Henrik, language evolution with Joe, nio2 and Jigsaw with Alan, Brian Goetz, etc..), Java FX with Jasper, and of course Java EE and GlassFish with Marek on JAX-RS and myself (Alexis) on Java EE.

As with any Parleys presentation, these can be downloaded offline.

Sunday Nov 27, 2011

Another JavaOne Latin America around the corner

For the second year in a row, JavaOne is traveling to Latin America :
São Paulo on December 6-8, 2011 at the Transamerica Expo Center.


As with any such event, participants will be able to attend the Strategy, Technical and Community Keynotes, a large number of Sessions (including Hands-On Labs) which include a good number of local speakers chosen with a dedicated Call for Papers, and wander around the Exhibition Hall.

Both Java EE 6 and GlassFish will be well represented in keynotes, sessions and hands-on labs. You can follow updates to this upcoming conference on Twitter and of course Register!

New this year is the "Meet your Java gurus" geek bike ride that Fabiane and friends are organizing São Paulo on the Sunday prior to the conference. Sounds like fun!

Sunday Oct 09, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Afterglow - Blogosphere coverage

I think it's fair to call this year's JavaOne successful conference. While not held in the Moscone Center, many little improvements added up to a much increased attendance, and some good content and announcements to provide and exciting event.


Dustin shares his own impressions as well as a nice roundup of blogs covering the event. You probably also want to read Cay Horstmann's series of blogs (now a classic at JavaOne): Day 0 | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4.

Other coverage include TheServerSide's "JavaOne 2011: Mark it up as a success", Steven Chin's "JavaOne is Rebuilding Momentum" or Artima's three-part coverage: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

As announced at the event, the JavaOne 2011 channel on Parleys.com is now available. You can start with Adam Bien's "Java EE, the cool parts". Expect more coverage of JavaOne in the days to come, there's just really been a lot going on...

Monday Jul 11, 2011

JavaOne 2011 notifications are in!

The results are in! Notifications for accepted talks at this year's JavaOne have gone out and it's both fascinating and rewarding to see the reactions on twitter.

Here's a selection that I came across :


glaforge: Yeah, the #javaone speaker invitations are arriving!
netdance: JavaOne talk accepted. Now, the serious work begins
ALRubinger: Tons of awesome stuff from the #JBoss Community has been accepted into #JavaOne this year. Will post details when we officially confirm.
evanchooly: ha! whine and you shall receive! my presentation "The Not-Java That's Not Scala" talk was accepted to JavaOne. so much work to do now. ;)
dblevins: Looks like there will be a strong #OpenEJB and #TomEE presence at #JavaOne this year! Several sessions approved. #thankyou
craiger: My #scala presentation was accepted for JavaOne 2011. See you in San Fran Oct 2nd-6th!
chuggid: @dblevins Hope I'll meet you there. Employer finally saw the wisdom of sending me; trying to make the most of it!
ekabanov: It doesn't rain, until it pours. Just had a notification that all 4 talks I submitted to JavaOne got accepted.
mojavelinux: All registered for #JavaOne. It's going to be an awesome year.
delabassee: Good news to start the day, my 2 #javaone talks got accepted!
MasoudKalali: Received delighting emails this morning. Got 1 session accepted for #JavaOne. Will be speaking about #security and @glassfish.
pbakker: My JavaOne talk together with @BertErtman about migrating #Spring to #JavaEE6 is accepted!
huettermann: My #javaone proposal "Agile ALM" was accepted. See you in San Francisco.
YonLabs: My JPA Puzzlers talk accepted for #JavaOne. Great! :)
costinl: Yey - received the speaker invitation for #javaone - see you guys there!
jamesurquhart: Woot! On a panel at #javaone this year. Looking forward to it talking to/hearing from developers.
jlehrbaum: excited to be speaking at JavaOne 2011 about Java and Rails in the cloud
jclouds: great news: #javaone paper accepted! see you there! #java #cloud
graemerocher: Got both my talks on #grails accepted to #javaone. Happy days.

We're certainly looking forward to another great conference full of energy and with quality content! The next step is to formalize the schedule with an optimized use of the increased space offered this year. In the meantime, speakers, get busy! ;)

Friday Jun 24, 2011

Jazoon, JAX California, and Brazilian week - it's conference season again

Sparky is on the road again with GlassFish presence around the world in multiple conferences. This past week Jazoon in Zurich had Java EE, GlassFish, JAX-RS, Servlet, JSF all covered while JAX in California also had a good number of Java EE-related talks (see this Java EE 7 article).


FISL, the largest Open Source conference in Brazil (7500 participants last year) is coming up this week with OpenJDK, GlassFish, JavaFX, NetBeans, Java EE 7, and of course JDK 7 all covered by subject matter experts.

Expect most of these talks and possibly demos to show up here on TheAquarium, on slideshare or on our YouTube channel.

Sunday May 15, 2011

Reminder - JavaOne Call for Papers ends May 23rd

As you probably know by now, JavaOne 2011 is scheduled for October 2-6, 2011 in San Francisco. While it may be a tiny bit early to arranging your late-night agenda for that week, it's urgent that you realize that the call for papers is extremely short this year and closing May 23rd.

Initial photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/canadianveggie/2491973787/

There are seven tracks planned this year with a total of talks that is reported to be increased over last year's conference. The program committee page should be soon updated with this year's track leads, both internal and external reviewers. So please make these people's life difficult and submit all your papers today!

Finally there's a JavaSpotlight Podcast episode dedicated to this Call for Papers (an interview with Sharat Chander, the Program Committee Chairperson) to learn all the tricks for a successful submission. Alternatively you should check out this blog entry on the JavaOne blog or this earlier blog post by Brian Goetz which certainly remains valid.

Good luck to all submitters!

Monday May 09, 2011

Let's meet in Brno! May 26th

Oracle is putting together a Java Developer Conference in Brno, Czech Republic on May 26th 2011. Dalibor Topic, OpenJDK and Java Evangelist at Oracle, will keynote on the future of Java.

The rest of this one-day free conference will include international and local speakers on various topics ranging from Java 7 to GlassFish/JavaEE and including JPA/EclipseLink (with Doug Clarke) , Jersey (with Jakub, the project lead), SOA, Composite Applications, and even JavaSE Embedded. Get the full agenda here.

Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Brno

Register!, the event is free.

Monday Apr 25, 2011

JavaOne 2011 - San Francisco October 2-6, 2011

After considering other times of the year and several other cities, the date and venue are now locked : October 2-6, 2011 in downtown San Francisco. This is the same week as the larger Oracle Open World conference but JavaOne will run as a separate conference.


Some changes over last year include no more wandering between hotels and Moscone, more room for JavaOne sessions with Oracle Develop being moved to another venue, more community involvement in the event planning, more space and time for "hallway conversations", and more sessions overal.

The call for papers opens this week on April 27th and closes less than a month later on May 23rd. Selected speakers are notified by the end of June with the detailed agenda published soon after. Here are the JavaOne 2011 main resources: Registration and conference page, Blog, Twitter.

In October, if all goes well, JDK 7 will have GA'd and GlassFish 3.2 will be well on its way.

Friday Apr 08, 2011

April is Java month around the world

Next week will probably be one of the busiest week for Java conferences. There are many Java events scheduled this Spring (some reports here and there) with JavaEE/GlassFish often covered by various team and community members.

Here's a list of upcoming events :

Original photo at http://www.flickr.com/photos/wenzday01/3005297355

• April 11-13: JAX London - UK
• April 12-13: JavaOne Russia - Moscow
• April 12-14: CONFESS 2011 - Vienna, Austria
• April 12-13: QCon Tokyo, Japan
• April 14-15: Miracle Open World - Billunf, Denmark
• April 14: OTN Developer Day - Istanbul, Turkey
• April 14: Latvian Oracle User Group Conference - Riga, Latvia
• April 18-20: dnevi slovenske informatike - Portorož, Slovenia
• April 19-22: Great Indian Developer Summit - Bangalore, India

You can also visit the GlassFish Events Page.

Friday Mar 25, 2011

Sound bites from Silicon Valley - EclipseCon

Another week, another Java conference. EclipseCon was held earlier this week in Santa Clara and one of the highlights was the joint IBM/Oracle keynote with Oracle's Mark Reinhold and IBM's John Duimovich discussing the future of Java (7, 8 and 9) and common work in the OpenJDK project.

EclipseCon 2011

Other than the rather good press coverage, here are some not-so-random tidbits :

• Reinhold: "Twitter did not exist when last major JDK release shipped (2006)" (oracletechnet)
"Java 7 release date still July 28 2011" (ianskerrett)
• Duimovich of IBM: "IBM joined OpenJDK to drive innovation, collaboration, compatibility" (oracletechnet)
"The pace of innovation in the Java platform is going to get a lot better" (Mike Milinkovich)

Other JavaEE-related content included Sahoo's and Arun's "Developing OSGi-enabled Java EE Applications with GlassFish" tutorial (with full description and screencast), an update on Dali for Java EE 6, a session on the intersection between JPA, JAXB and JAX-RS and more.

Thursday Mar 17, 2011

Soundbites from Vegas - TSS Symposium

This week has TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011 conference running in Las Vegas and the tweets coming out of there are really informative and pretty spontaneous it seems. Here's a selection of them (mostly from @java and @oracletechnet) :


• From James Gosling's keynote: JDK7 "finally moving forward"; "rather pleased" about its contents (@oracletechnet), and Gosling: Java EE 6 makes it remarkably easy to build Web apps; makes hard tasks not just possible but simple (@oracletechnet)

• The Oracle keynote (Adam Messinger + Steve Harris) was probably best covered by Tori's Java in Flux: Utopia or Deuteranopia? blog entry. Some quotes include - Harris: "Going forward EE will become foundation of cloud - underlying specs to be revamped" (@oracletechnet), Messinger: "we (Oracle) haven't done best job communicating, but we've heard you, and you'll be pleased with changes" (@oracletechnet). "#java #openjdk Message remains on track, Java to evolve fairly slowly and steadily, will let other languages forge paths" (@oracletechnet). And closing with @AdamBien's: #oracle's evil plan for #java.

• From Jerome's GlassFish session: "I wonder if GlassFish Session Replication is built on top of Coherence. Would seem logical but ?" (@STeePi) and "For all the jabs, I gotta say GlassFish looks way slick. Still haven't played with it though" (@STeePi).

• At the JCP panel : Reza Rahman on JCP: biggest issue is lack of developer participation; too much "nonchalant" attitude - devs need to step up (@oracletechnet), Curran: "JUGs can join JCP as groups for free, and all members of that group can participate" (@oracletechnet). Check out also InfoWorld's article.

Sunday Nov 21, 2010

Devoxx 2010 - it's a wrap!


Devoxx 2010, the largest developer community in Europe (correct me if I'm wrong) with 3000+ attendees is now behind us and by all metrics it sounds like another great success for the organizers (the BEJUG). Get a feel for the conference vibe with these videos.

The main announcement at Devoxx was probably the Java 7 and Java 8 JSRs being filed (along with project Coin and Lambda). These earlier entries will help you parse the announcement and understand what's up next: "how to read a JSR" and "Majority or 2/3rds?".

But GlassFish and Java EE 6 were well represented with well attended (400+?) university talks, a hands-on lab that went really smoothly (and God knows how these things can go wrong), a late night GlassFish BOF with an opportunity to meet users and to gather feedback, and a Java EE BOF. The Thursday keynote by Jerome, Linda and Paul was all about the future of Java EE (more in a later post). JBoss was also there with a soon-to-be released version of their AppServer, also discussing Seam, tooling and more Java EE 6 content. And to close off the Java EE section at this conference Adam Bien had another successful live coding session which drew some very nice comments.

Also worth noting is the release of NetBeans 7 beta, a nice complement to the Java 7 JSRs (more in a later post).

If you wish you had been at Devoxx, you might be interested in subscribing to the 2010 Parleys channel (79 euros yearly). The 2009 channel is now totally free of charge.