Wednesday Jul 18, 2007

performance matter, 54x for JavaFX

JavaFX demos

Having a language run on the JVM using an interpreter is often seen as the first step. This is what both JRuby 1.0 and what JavaFX Script (introduced at JavaOne last May) both do today. Among the leading dynamic and scripting languages, Groovy and JavaScript already have compilers to byte-code.

The JRuby team started working on a compiler and so has the JavaFX engineers in close collaboration with the javac experts. Some languages do better than others based on them being dynamic or not (among other things). These first JavaFX Script compiler steps seem very encouraging according to project architect Chris Oliver - "Speed improvement for this particular example is a pretty awesome 54x".

Looking for the relationship with GlassFish? Well you could implement a JavaFX container for GlassFish v3 or use Phobos and the JSR 223 provider for server-side JavaFX!

Thursday Sep 21, 2006

The Sorcerer Cross-Reference Tool

Original Poster for Fantasia by Walt Disney

Another Kohsuke special: a source cross-referencer that is using the JavaC Tree API to produce high quality information; check this Sample Output.

The Sorcerer project is Open Source at Java.Net and it includes goodies like a Maven 2 plugin. Kohsuke also promises to run sourcerer on the Project Glassfish Sources and make this another of the Tool Services available to the community.

Also check Tom Ball's blog on Hacking JavaC.