Wednesday Feb 22, 2012

And then there were 14 compatible Java EE 6 implementations

With the recent addition of JBoss' Java EE 6 Full Platform product, the list of compatible servers is now set to no less than 14, a little after the 2-year anniversary of the platform.

With this much vendor choice (Open Source or not) and platform choice (Web of Full), it's a great time to be a Java EE developer and user.

Note that with all the new JSR's following the JCP 2.8 modus operandi, such public pages of compatible implementations should become the rule. This will of course apply to Java EE 7, but also to individual specifications.


Sunday Aug 28, 2011

Fujitsu Interstage, yet another Java EE 6 compatible server

The list of compatible Java EE 6 implementations is growing nicely with the recent addition of the Fujitsu Interstage Application Server in the "Full Java EE 6 Platform" category.

The detailed configuration page shows JAXB, Metro, and EclipseLink as components originating from Oracle/GlassFish.

Fujitsu Logo

If you pay close attention to the product description, you'll notice that the now ever-popular PaaS theme is quite prominent. Java EE gets one more step closer to ubiquity in the cloud! More details on the product can be found in this press release.