Monday Apr 16, 2012

Hitachi Cosminexus v9.0 - 14th Java EE 6 Compliant Server

We now have a new Java EE 6 product in the family - HItachi uCosminexus Application Server V9.0. They provide full Java EE 6 platform compliance.

Hitachi Logo

The detailled tested configuration for this product should sound pretty familiar to readers with components such as EclipseLink, Weld, and Metro.

This brings the total number of Java EE 6 compliant application servers to 14. Which one are you using for deploying your enterprise applications ?

Wednesday Nov 23, 2011

Geronimo 3 beta - Another Apache project now compatible with Java EE 6

You probably recall the addition of TomEE and WebSphere CE at JavaOne 2011 to the list of certified Java EE 6 products.

This time, Apache Geronimo 3 beta 1 was released with compatibility with the Java EE 6 full platform and is now listed on the Java EE Compatibility Page in both the Web Profile and Full Platform categories.

Not surprisingly, a good number of the components used in this Geronimo release are similar to those used in the TomEE certification.

Apache Geronimo

We now have 11 compatible Java EE 6 configurations to chose from and expecting more soon.

Friday Feb 03, 2006

History and Compatibility


I found a couple of blogs that I think are related in a very fundamental way. Vince's blog A history lesson of deployment strategies talks about different approaches to deploying apps on GlassFish. He referrs to an article on deploying to SJSAS 8.1 and also astrategy to use ant as means to avoid unnecessary compiles. BTW, Inder just posted a blog that describes how the Java BluePrints team uses ant to build and deploy apps within the NetBeans environment as well as standalone.

Kin-Man writes that a goal of JSP 2.1 is to provide a unified expression language (EL) for JSP and JSF. He talks about how compatibility with previous versions was broken in a recent build of GlassFish but fortunately a fix was made available in the last promoted build .

Compatibility is and has been very important in GlassFish. Compatibility to the specs, previous versions of the product or with other tools all matter.