Thursday Jun 09, 2011

"GlassFish is Business Class"

Here's a new article by Harald Wellmann titled "Java EE 6 Server Comparison" discussing a non-trivial Java EE 6 application (relying on the Web Profile) running on three certified and open source implementations: GlassFish, JBoss, and Resin.


Harald's detailled analysis of the issues faced with relevant bug reports (some progress already on the GlassFish side since this post a few days ago) and links to forum discussions makes for a pragmatic and useful article which also features some performance numbers.

Now of course the comments about GlassFish are not all rosy, but the constructive criticism in this series of blogs is a great way to weigh in and have your voice be heard in the community and certainly at Oracle. It also shows the progress made by GlassFish since version 3.0 (released late 2009) with soon an update to our second generation Java EE 6 product (3.1.1).

The Executive Summary for the series is short and sweet : "Glassfish is Business Class, JBoss is Baroque, Resin is Zen". Onward to First Class!

Monday May 21, 2007

Updated WebService comparison wiki

Apache's wiki has a page comparing various Web Services stacks. GlassFish's JAX-WS scores fairly well thanks to the WSIT project (aka Tango) and even better now that the wiki page was updated to reflect the new Spring and JSON support in JAX-WS 2.1.

We need to have some similar comparison for the entire AppServer. Most of the questions we all had at JavaOne were about why GlassFish should be chosen over JBoss, Weblogic, or Tomcat and a comparison chart would help people choose and convince their management. Feel free to contribute! Web Services is just one of the many reasons.

Sunday Dec 17, 2006

Tomcat Vs GlassFish Comparison

Tomcat Logo

Roger (at Ninth Avenue Software) recently compared Tomcat and GlassFish in his blog - I think in part because FigBird runs on GlassFish. Since this is a popular topic, Jason Lee then proposed to push it to a more stable location at the GlassFish Wiki, now open for your contributions.

I suspect that per-area product comparisons may be more manageable, so I created an umbrella page for it and the the WS Stack Comparison; feel free to add other comparisons.

Yet something else to work on in preparation for GlassFish v2 beta.