Friday Feb 24, 2012

Thank you GlassFish Community!

Just in the past week or so we've seen some very nice community content from our favorite GlassFish advocates :

The Serli folks are touring French JUGs presenting on GlassFish (versioning, rolling upgrades, ...) and why they contribute to open source projects.

Fabiane Nardone and the Sengers presenting at the London Java Community on GlassFish, monitoring and jHome.

Devoxx' Stephan Janssen presenting on Parleys and GlassFish for RTView on March 1st.


They say that we're done evangelizing "When the voice of unpaid advocates for our platform is so strong ours isn’t needed." We're not there yet but boy this very pleasant to experience.

Sunday Jan 22, 2012

Admin Console, Community and Virtuous Circle

Note: if you're reading this using a feedreader, please make sure you've updated to the updated TheAquarium feed.

We haven't really covered this before, but there's been quite a bit of work on the admin console in the upcoming GlassFish 3.1.2 release (in addition to the other new features and theme and updated components).

Specifically in this release, the team worked on the following :


• Performance startup (better figures by default and conditional automated console initialization).
Feature parity with CLI in the areas of Secure Admin config, JMS Cluster configuration, Monitoring Data consolidation, new Http Listeners page (à la GlassFish v2), listing EJB timers.
• Support for new product features such as DCOM cluster nodes.
• Ability to collect domain instance logs.
• More tests.

The best part about these improvements? There's almost all entirely driven by your feedback! So thank you to everyone that took time to help us understand how to make GlassFish a better product via bug reports, requests for enhancements and even phone calls in some cases. Let's keep doing this!

The GlassFish Web Console started off back in 2006 as the killer feature, especially compared to other open source offerings. With continued enhancements I think it still has a clear edge on them and longer-term plans shouldn't prove me wrong!

Thursday Dec 01, 2011

Adopt a JSR, a JUG initiative for you. Yes, you!

Adopt-a-JSR is a recent initiative by multiple JUGs (I believe the ever-active LJC started this) to encourage community participation in the JCP and more specifically in making concrete progress in developing new JSRs.

Some of that is a consequence of the JSR 348/ increased transparency and early results are very encouraging with serious progress made on the JSR-310 TCK for instance. A recently-added grid should provide and idea of the community and JUG efforts on specific JSRs.

Let's get going Duke

As the program page on says - "It looks great on the CV". In fact I think that resume-wise nothing beats serious contributions to industry-wide standards or open source projects and that's probably true around the world.

Wednesday Nov 30, 2011

Devoxx 2011 - OTN Interviews now available

Devoxx was a blast again this year and while the sessions are not yet on Parleys (Stephan promised they will be there before Christmas), but the Devoxx'11 space has been created and contains 19 interviews done by OTN's Tori Wieldt.

These interviews are very diverse with more than half were recorded with community members such as Stephan "Devoxx" Janssen himself, LJC's Martijn Verburg, performance guru Kirk Pepperdine, and more.

Devoxx OTN interviews

The Oracle participants cover Java SE (the strategy with Henrik, language evolution with Joe, nio2 and Jigsaw with Alan, Brian Goetz, etc..), Java FX with Jasper, and of course Java EE and GlassFish with Marek on JAX-RS and myself (Alexis) on Java EE.

As with any Parleys presentation, these can be downloaded offline.

Sunday Nov 27, 2011

Another JavaOne Latin America around the corner

For the second year in a row, JavaOne is traveling to Latin America :
São Paulo on December 6-8, 2011 at the Transamerica Expo Center.


As with any such event, participants will be able to attend the Strategy, Technical and Community Keynotes, a large number of Sessions (including Hands-On Labs) which include a good number of local speakers chosen with a dedicated Call for Papers, and wander around the Exhibition Hall.

Both Java EE 6 and GlassFish will be well represented in keynotes, sessions and hands-on labs. You can follow updates to this upcoming conference on Twitter and of course Register!

New this year is the "Meet your Java gurus" geek bike ride that Fabiane and friends are organizing São Paulo on the Sunday prior to the conference. Sounds like fun!

Sunday Nov 13, 2011

Let Devoxx 2011 begin!

Devoxx 2011 is kicking off today and Oracle will be well represented for all its Java efforts.

Here's a quick rundown of the Java EE and GlassFish side of things.


Cameron Purdy, now responsible for the entire Oracle middleware stack (WebLogic, GlassFish, TopLink, Coherence) will host the Java EE keynote, mostly focused on Java EE 7. There will be sessions on individual JSRs by spec leads : Nigel Deakin for JMS 2.0, Marek Potociar for JAX-RS 2.0, and Greg Luck (EHCache) for JSR107 / javax.cache.

Oracle's Shaun Smith will also cover JPA 2.1 with some of the unique EclipseLink features such as multi-tenancy. BOFs on Java and CDI are also planned during the week. Finally, Arun Gupta will be delivering a complete Java EE 6 hands-on lab.

There will also be GlassFish-related sessions. A first one will focus on the current state of the community and product (3.1.x) with customers production stories, while GlassFish architect Jerome Dochez will walk you through the enhancements the team is working on for Java EE 7 and GlassFish 4 - virtualization, PaaS, elasticity and more.

Last but not least, our good friends from Serli will discuss their latest GlassFish contributions on Application versioning and high-availability rolling upgrades.

Sunday Oct 30, 2011

Devoxx coming up shortly, LIVE stream included

The Devoxx developer conference is coming up November 14th to 18th and has been sold out for a number of weeks already but the latest conference NewsLetter has good news for anyone with an Internet connection: Devoxx LIVE.


This means that you'll be able to catch the following Oracle Java EE-related sessions (local Antwerp time, GMT+2) :
Java EE keynote by Cameron Purdy (Wednesday, 16th November @ 9:30-11am)
Nigel's JMS 2.0 session (Thursday, 17th November @ noon)
Jerome's Java EE 7 and presentation (Thursday, 17th November @ 15:10pm)

This service does require a subscription but one that will allow you to access all of the conference content. For Java EE and GlassFish-related talks, that means content for JAX-RS 2.0 by the spec lead, JSR 107 (javax.cache), Java EE Security, EclipseLink and JPA 2.1, a GlassFish in action talk, and more.

Note also that the Parleys Devoxx 2010 channel is now free.

Wednesday Oct 26, 2011

Fixes you want to see in GlassFish 3.1.2 - please vote!

We've done this before and it worked quite well for GlassFish 3.1.1 - we need a few minutes of your time to vote for the JIRA issues you considered the most important to fix in the 3.1.2 timeframe (due out in the first half of 2012).


We fixed more than 100 bugs in 3.1.1 and are expecting to fix just as many in this new release. These can be issues that are already in the system or new ones you may come across. While there is not commitment of any kind that they will fixed we'll do the best we can to accommodate as many fixes as the schedule allows. We'll look at the voting results in the next couple of weeks.

Six promoted builds have already been put out and you can find more details on this 3.1.2 release on the GlassFish Wiki.

Wednesday Oct 19, 2011

GlassFish Podcast Series - Community Stories from JavaOne

Admittedly, one of the most successful part of the GlassFish Community Event at this year's JavaOne was the "customer stories" portion.

We're now making the content for those six "GlassFish in Production" stories available in a series of episodes on the GlassFish Podcast.


You will also find equivalent entries, slides and even a video on our Stories blog. The different GlassFish use cases are quite impressive. Most by the load they handle (Grizzly was appraised by most speakers), others by the importance of the Java EE 6 standard, and others yet by the critical nature of the customer-facing sites that their run (ESPN is an obvious example here).

We had also asked the speakers to articulate both what they liked and what could be improved as you'll hear in the presentations. This has created for us a very nice list of prioritized improvements to work on. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast to catch further episodes, and if you're not familiar with the podcast, you may want to take a look at the full list of episodes.

Our big thanks goes out to all six of our speakers and to their employers for having them share this with the wider GlassFish community. If you have a story you'd like to share with us and the rest of the GlassFish community, you don't have to wait for next year's JavaOne, please send us email (see the "Contact Us" section on this blog) and we'll make sure your experience is available to the community.

Tuesday Oct 18, 2011 Final Approval Ballot - We have a go!

As previously explained, JSR 348 is there to change the JCP itself and add transparency to the process.

The results for the Final Approval Ballot are in with 25 YES votes, 2 ABSTAIN votes (Google and Vodafone), one NO vote and 4 non-votes (both Executive Committees were voting). And that's 5 months to complete a JSR from the day it was filed.


Here are two (pseudo) random changes taken from the proposed final draft to give you sense of what will change :

"Attendance at meetings is mandatory. Missing two meetings in a row (whether teleconference or face-to-face meetings) results in loss of future, not yet started, JSR ballot and EC voting privileges."

"The Maintenance Lead must submit to the PMO at least quarterly a list of all implementations that have been certified as compatible and that have been released publicly or commercially. The PMO will publish this information on the JCP website."

For the latter part, Sun and now Oracle has been publishing the list of certified Java EE implementations.

Also, remember that this the first of two JSRs to change the JCP itself (the shorter one too). And in other JCP news, a new voting period has started, closing on October 30th (see list of SE/EE nominees, some really strong ones...).

Update: the JCP blog has more details on the EC ballot.

Wednesday Oct 12, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Content - Keynotes and on-site interviews

In addition to the JavaOne 2011 content now hosted on, the OTN Media Network has the full-length keynotes as well as a long list of onsite interviews with various community members.

Check it out!


Monday Oct 10, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Afterglow - yet more coverage

The previous post had a number of JavaOne community impressions but there seems to be large batch of them, so here are a few more :

Craig clearly caught the Cloud angle, LJC's Martijn shared how the conference started, and Janice reflected on the Java panel.


The article comments on the various Java roadmaps announced at the conference while Eclipse's Ian Skerrett gave the overall event the thumbs up.

The official JavaOne blog was, as expected, very busy with a highlight of the JCP awards, a coverage of both the technical keynote, as well as the strategy keynote, a list of Oracle's announcements at the conference, and closing with the review of the community keynote.

Sunday Oct 09, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Afterglow - Blogosphere coverage

I think it's fair to call this year's JavaOne successful conference. While not held in the Moscone Center, many little improvements added up to a much increased attendance, and some good content and announcements to provide and exciting event.


Dustin shares his own impressions as well as a nice roundup of blogs covering the event. You probably also want to read Cay Horstmann's series of blogs (now a classic at JavaOne): Day 0 | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4.

Other coverage include TheServerSide's "JavaOne 2011: Mark it up as a success", Steven Chin's "JavaOne is Rebuilding Momentum" or Artima's three-part coverage: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

As announced at the event, the JavaOne 2011 channel on is now available. You can start with Adam Bien's "Java EE, the cool parts". Expect more coverage of JavaOne in the days to come, there's just really been a lot going on...

Sunday Oct 02, 2011

GlassFish Community Event @ JavaOne - Slides!

JavaOne 2011 kicked off on a beautiful day here in San Francisco. The GlassFish Community Event went really well and as promised there here are the community and roadmap slides (we'll also post the customer stories soon) :


Make sure you catch (in person or online) tomorrow's JavaOne Technical Keynote and in particular the Java EE / GlassFish demo.

A large batch of photos for this first day have also been uploaded to Facebook.

Tuesday Sep 27, 2011

Last Call: GlassFish Community Event & Party

Quick note that we're having our GlassFish Community Event this coming Sunday (October 2nd) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

We're accepting a few more RSVP's on the wiki (if you had issues editing the page before, all should now be smooth).


The other event that same day is of course the GlassFish Party at the Thirsty Bear. Registrations are on the same wiki page. See you there!