Saturday Oct 10, 2009

Recent Releases: Sun Communications Suite 7

Jim Parkinson's team has delivered the newest version (7) of Sun Communication Suite. This solution provides Mail, Messaging, Calendar, Address book and others and is intended for large deployments, being very scalable and currently supporting hundreds of millions of mailboxes in many ISPs.


I've never worked in the Comms team but I've worked with Jim several times over the years, and, as you can see, he is very proud of this release, more than a year after Releasing Suite 6.

The highlights of the new version are the revamp of the to leverage AJAX, and the support of the latest standards, iCAL/CalDAV, in the Calendar Server.

The Comms team has been aggressively using to produce their documentation quickly and efficiently; check out How to use the Wiki to Find what you are looking for. In addition, the team has written a number of posts around the release of Comms 7; check out:

Brief or Very Detailed Overview of the Suite.
iCal Support in Sun Calendar Server 7.
• Brief Installation Sketch
• Detailed Reflections by Jim on the last year.

Congratulations to the team for this release!

Monday Mar 09, 2009

STUN server in SailFin

Sailfin logo

STUN (Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol Through Network Address Translators) defined in RFC 3489 (and RFC 5389) is one mechanism for NAT traversal. It assists SIP clients behind a NAT firewall or router with their packet routing.

SailFin V2 now has a basic STUN server, which SIP clients can use. Checkout Ramesh's blog to find all details.

Thursday Feb 19, 2009

(Our) Open Source in the Telco Industry - The Open Multimedia Platform framework


One of last week's announcements was the Sun GlassFish Communications Server (Product, SailFin, TA posts). I believe SailFin will play a significant role in accelerating the adoption of the converged (SIP+HTTP) web, and the latest issue of Ericsson Review (01/2009) has an Article explaining the perspective of the telcos.

Quoting from there:

Continuous changes in business environments as well as the convergence of media, entertainment, and communication businesses and solutions require a new approach to system design, pricing, product packaging, deployment, and support.

Traditionally the Telco industry has addressed their extreme requirements (scalability, reliability, manageability) through proprietary software, but this is very expensive and, instead, several of them (Ericsson and Sun included) created the OpenSAF (member list) Foundation to create an Open-Source middleware base platform they can use. And the platform is based on Java EE 5 and uses SailFin.

Thanks to Sreeram for the tip.

Friday Feb 13, 2009

GlassFish @ Mobile World Congress 2009, Barcelona

Sailfin logo

GlassFish Communication Server and GlassFish Mobility Platform will be hosting demos in Sun booth (Booth #2C12, Hall 2) at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona.

Meet us, if you are at Barcelona next week (16th-19th Feb).

The demos include Load Balancer Visualization for SailFin, SailFin Communicator application (with MySQL cluster career grade server as the back-end database) and Mobile Enterprise Platform with On-Device Portal. Sun has also invited Ericsson to demonstrate Ericsson's Intelligent Network technology, built on GlassFish.

Monday Jan 05, 2009

Technical Overview of SailFin (aka GF Communications Server)

SailFin is the Open Source Communications Server that is based on the GlassFish Server. We launched the effort with Ericsson back in May '07 with first builds in June '07 (see all SailFin-tagged entries) and we are nearing the first release.

A Communication Server requires new functionality like SIP-support but also has strong requirements on availability and quality of service. Some of this functionality is done in SailFin and some in the underlying GlassFish v2.1; both releases will be available in a few weeks so expect an increased coverage. Binod published several in early December ([1], [2]) and Sreeram published a couple of entries on SailFin just before the Holiday break.


Sreeram's first entry is an Short Summary of news including a pointer to the Eclipse-based Ericsson Service Development Studio, and the IPTV trials at Sonaecom.

Sreeram's second post is a substantial Technical Overview covering its core architecture and administration, its subsystems, the development and deployment model, and the new SIP and Carrier-Grade features.

Finally, pencil-in Jan 29th, 2009 for a SailFin Webinar where we will provide some background to SIP and these new converged web applications in addition to a presentation on SailFin and demos.