Friday Oct 30, 2009

ColdFusion Supported on GlassFish, and Other Sightings

ColdFusion (wikipedia, product) was first released in '95 by Allaire which was later bought by Macromedia in '01 and merged into Adobe in '05. CF was rewritten into Java a while ago, interacts nicely with JavaEE and with Adobe's products and is still quite popular.

When we got serious about GlassFish several of us drove down to San Jose to talk with Adobe. Adding a new supported platform is non-trivial for a large vendor; the question is not "does it run?" part but "is it worth setting up my testing and support team?"... which boils down to, "do I see enough traction in my customers?". So, I'm very pleased to point to: ColdFusion 9 supports ... and Sun™ GlassFish.

Happy! And Wednesday's news should just help further.

Adding a few other recent GlassFish sightings...

Also, check out: Sun's Technology powers Verizon Developer Community.  We really need to get back to posting adoption stories - there have been quite a number of great ones in the last few months.

Friday Apr 11, 2008

ColdFusion on GlassFish


Damon has an Initial Report on running ColdFusion on GlassFish. The immediate trigger was Adobe stopping JRun development.

The Adobe page on System Requirements does not list GF in their Support Matrix, but it seems to work just fine, and I'm looking forward to more notes from Damon.

And, if you are a ColdFusion on GlassFish user, you could drop a request to Adobe for formal support :-)