Tuesday Nov 06, 2007

Nuxeo Core now available on GlassFish

Nuxeo logo

The Nuxeo ECM (Enterprise Content Management) which was previously reported as moving from Python to Java has recently reached version 5.1 after several milestone releases.

The News and Noteworthy document explains that the Nuxeo Core and Runtime now support GlassFish v2. There's still ways to go for the entire Nuxeo solution to be supported on GlassFish out of the box, but the trend is looking good!

Monday Sep 25, 2006

Jackrabbit, JSR-170 and Project GlassFish

Apache Jackrabbit Logo

JSR-170 (JCR) defines an API to access a Content Repository from Java programs like Content Management Systems (see this overview article). The reference implementation for JCR is (Apache Jackrabbit), and epesh (Joe Ottinger) has published the steps to run jackrabbitt on GlassFish.

I'd be interested in leads on the adoption of this standard. In a quick search I found: Day.COM (they are the JSR lead), WebLogic Support and Using JCR from Perl. Let me know if your group is using / supporting this JSR.