Tuesday Aug 24, 2010

GlassFish RESTful administration progress in 3.1


Complete administration, from web console to rich command line (asadmin) has always been a strong set of features in GlassFish and often a key differentiator versus other application servers.

Jason Lee takes you in his blog entry through the basics and the recent development of a more recent administration feature - the RESTful admin interface.

As the name implies this feature exposes administrative and monitoring resources to HTTP clients with responses served in XML, HTML or JSON formats. Pretty much anything you can do with the web console or asadmin, you can do with this interface - observe pool usage, create data sources, deploy applications, etc.

Jason explains how this is all being enhanced in the current development of version 3.1 with dynamic instrumentation using asm and how you can use the __debug HTTP header for pretty-printing. Keep an eye on Jason's blog for more advanced topics. Grab a recent promoted build and try for yourself!

Tuesday Apr 27, 2010

CLI, Roller, Jersey, JavaOne... and More GlassFish News - April 27th, 2010

Install and Run Apache Roller 4.01 on GlassFish and OpenSolaris
Dave Koelmeyer has posted Detailed Instructions on how to install Apache Roller 4.01 on GlassFish v2.1 using MySQL 5.1 for storage.  He uses OpenSolaris snv_134, the subject of a tea-leaf-reading thread.

Slides and Code Samples on Jersey and JAX-RS
The Slides and code from Paul Sandoz's presentation at Presentation at AlpesJug on Jersey, JAX-RS and Atmosphere are now now available.  The actual presentation was in French, but the slides are in English, and the code is... code.

Invoke OSGi Service from JAX-WS Endpoint
Arun has published yet another TOTD (Tip Of The Day), with complete instructions and code.  This one is  TOTD #130: Invoking a OSGi service from a JAX-WS Endpoint. Arun's approach is to document the demos he gives at his presentations through the TOTDs.  Quite a bit of work, but it makes the content useful to a world-wide audience.

WAS V7 - Inching Towards JavaEE 6
IBM has recently been using a "Feature Pack" approach in upgrading its WebSphere AppServer; it seems to work pretty well for them and they released two packs for WAS V7: Feature Pack for OSGi and JPA 2.0 and Feature Pack for SCA.  IBM is, of course, one of the Java Licensees; WAS v7 is one of the JavaEE 5 Compatible App Servers, the feature pack aproach helps it move towards the JavaEE 6 list.

VirtualBox at Oracle
One of the challenges during Hands-On-Labs is setting up: the attendees usually bring their own laptops but each of them is different and requires slighlty different setup.  Asking for prep work before attending is not always successful.  A solution now being used in some DB HOLs at Oracle is to Use VirtualBox. Which is the same approach that both Arun and Alexis had advocated for a new series of GlassFish HOLs being planned.

GlassFish CLI
Masoud has a detailed post - actually a book chapter - that you should read to Learn the GlassFish v3 Command Line Administration Interface (CLI)

JavaOne 2010
This year's JavaOne is the first under Oracle and will coincide with Oracle OpenWorld.  Some things will be different, but others are mostly the same - including how the content is being selected - see Sharat Chander's interview by Tori Wieldt for some answers; others will evolve as we get closer to the event.

Sunday May 03, 2009

A Hudson Release Milestone and New CLI with Groovy Support


Two weeks ago Hudson reached release 1.300 (yep, three hundred releases, and the latest is already 1.303!) and Kohsuke wrote a short Commemoration Post summarizing some of the accomplishments. By all metrics the project is doing very well: I'll argue that Hudson is now the leading CI tool, the traffic on USERS@Hudson is over 1200/month and the project is very well grounded in the community with over 140 committers.

As adoption continues to grow, Kohsuke is adjusting the community releases to increase stability and we are working to deliver supported releases and other features from Sun soon. And, all along, the number of plugins and features will continue to grow, including a new CLI features that can be used to Provide a Groovy Shell.

So, here is a toast to Kohsuke's baby, may it Live Long and Prosper, may it continue to grow and reach many more releases and users. And we hope to see you all at the UnConference, and at CommunityOne and JavaOne

Tuesday Jan 20, 2009

Jan 22nd Webinar - ASAdmin, the CLI Console for GlassFish


This week's webinar is on Thursday, Jan 22th, 11:00 am PT. Jane Young (and guests) will provide an overview of ASAdmin, the GlassFish CLI console (v2, v3). Asadmin enables the same functionality in the GUI console but in a format that is often more adequate for automation. Asadmin has bee described as "GlassFish's hidden gem"...

Slides and other material will be posted to the Presentation Page; as usual, we encourage your participation through questions before or during the presentation via the companion chat. As usual, recordings of the presentations will be made available later.

Added - Due to technical difficulties I could not host the webinar and it will be rescheduled. It is currently penciled in for Thu, Feb 19th.

Wednesday Nov 19, 2008

Extending GlassFish - Admin CLI


GlassFish v3 Prelude (download) is designed for extensibility - at multiple points, including Admin CLI, Monitoring, Deployment, Container, Configuration and Branding. Sreeni's latest note explains how to Extend the CLI using the HK2 services and OSGi.

Also see Ken's presentation from Nov 6th on how to Extend the Admin Console, also using the same facilities.

Thursday Sep 06, 2007

HowTo - AsAdmin Large Batch of Commands

Informational Sign

A tip from Kedar:
How To Run a Large Batch of Commands

Wednesday Jul 18, 2007

GlassFish documentation feedback wanted

no time to find a better image

Documentation is one of the strengths of glassfish but we want to improve it further. We already sped up the content at docs.sun.com and Paul is now soliciting feedback for the Online Help.

If you would like to provide feedback or simply read the latest documentation, please use the document comment wiki at the GlassFishDocs page.

Note that the deadline for feedback in time for GlassFish v2 FCS is just next week: July 23, 2007.

Saturday Apr 28, 2007

Using VMStat inside GlassFish...

Screen dump from JVM monitoring

The old Unix command vmstat(1M) is a workhorse for finding out what your system is doing. Now Jane shows how GlassFish has a similar mechanism; check this image for instance - or go to her blog for more examples.

Administration and monitoring is a typical place where administrators write all sorts of useful scripts. Sun's Web Server has a TCL interpreter embedded; GlassFish has a nice CLI but it is proprietary. Abhijit was brainstorming that perhaps we could use JSR-223 to plug different interpreters. Another separate idea would be to help people share useful scripts. What do you think?

Friday Dec 01, 2006

Is that what you meant? Best Match for Commands in GlassFish

Duke Waving

The command line interpreter in the latest GlassFish builds will give you the best matches if you mistype your commands. So if you type asadmin create-domian options... it will suggest asadmin create-domain options.... It also supports wildcards and more.

Really handy for interactive use, specially for some of us, with high mistyping rates...

Check Jane's blog for details and try it out from the download page.

Tuesday Sep 19, 2006

How to get Command-Line Completion in GlassFish

Engraving of The Turk - an (hoax) chess-playing automaton

The Bourne-Again SHell is a popular Unix shell that is sh compatible and includes features from ksh and csh. Among its features it provides Programmable Completion. Harsha shows how to use bash to provide autocompletion for GlassFish commands.

It is fairly simple, check it out.