Thursday Dec 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, Bon Nadal and have a great Holiday Break!


This is my last post for the year; tomorrow is Christmas (with Xmas trees and pessebres) and after that I'm taking a two week family vacation. I am not planning to do any posts at TheAquarium during that period - barring surprises - but I may tweet a bit here, here and there.

It has been a very long but ultimately very rewarding year. Thanks to all for your support of GlassFish and all of us.

Tuesday Dec 23, 2008

TheAquarium on Holiday Break

Duke Resting and Reading in a comfy Chair

Sun USA shuts down between Christmas and New Year, so we are going to add a few extra days at each end and we will take a break from now until Jan 4th. Time to recharge batteries, read a few books, clean house, play a few games (virtual and otherwise), celebrate the holidays and be with the family...

It's been a very busy and rewarding year for all of us; our best wishes to all of you, and hope to see you next year.