Monday Oct 31, 2011

If you haven't already seen it, there is now an official Java channel on YouTube with some 30+ videos ranging from JavaOne 2011 Keynote Highlights to showfloor interviews as well as the The "Java Life" Rap Music Video and this recent promo animation.


Make sure you comment about what you'd like to see posted there and remember there is also the GlassFish Videos channel which is now more than 100 videos strong, a good number of which are screencast and demos.

Tuesday Jun 15, 2010

GlassFish (YouTube) Channel


Due to popular demand, the GlassFish Channel is now live!

Since both glassfish and theaquarium users were already registered by someone in Australia (same person not posting anything...?) we're going with As of today, you'll find 16 screencasts, most of which focus on version 3.0. This includes the six short introductory demos from the launch of GlassFish v3 in December 2009 linked off of the getting started page, but you'll also find the recent Milestone 1 screencasts and more...

The way this works is as follows: the GlassFish channel is set up to present a default playlist which aggregates a number of GlassFish-related screencasts. If you have a video on YouTube and would like to be listed on the GlassFish Channel, simply send a request to

Added The old name (javascreencasts) was very generic; we created a new channel and moved the content there. The new channel is GlassFishVideos.