Monday Oct 27, 2008

SSOCircle and CDOVaR.Net - OpenSSO and OpenDS in Production

Our Stories blog tracks informal adoption stories of our middleware Open Source projects. Most of the initial stories centered on the GlassFish Server, but over time we have been expanding from there with a few stories on OpenMQ and OpenSSO and in the last days we added two more.


SSOCircle is an open identity provider that uses OpenSSO to support SAML 2.0 and OpenID and others in federated single sign-on. SSOCircle went live in Feb 2007; check their full story with more details via the usual questionnaire.

CDOVaR.Net is a service provided by CDO² to financial institutions to transparently harness grid computing to manage their portfolios. They needed an LDAP server and chose OpenDS. Check the story and questionnaire.