Sunday May 25, 2008

GlassFish's Load Balancer as Dear Abby


A new Kazem cartoon on the Load Balancer as the High Tech Dear Abby of GlassFish (non-US folks may wan to check Dear Abby@Wikipedia).

All cartoons at TheAquarium are tagged accordingly.

Thursday May 01, 2008

Kazem is Back! GlassFish Cartoons


It has been a while, but Kazem is back! And very good timing, CommunityOne and JavaOne are being a real madhouse this year.

I think Kazen's current cartoon "Bringing People Together" is about GFv3 and our OSGi support :-)

Older cartoons are now tagged with Cartoon. Enjoy!

Wednesday Oct 25, 2006

Waiter! There is a TCL in my Server!

Cartoon of Man eating in Restaurant

Did you know that there is a TCL interpreter in Sun's Web Server 7.0? And it is put to good use, as shown by True Blue in this collection of detailed blog entries on WADM, starting with why TCL was chosen (this was way before jRuby came into focus at Sun), going through parts II (global variables), III (ACL), IV (log analyzer), V (access to Java objects), VI (parsing httpd.config), VII (faking a file system), and the last - so far - VIII (extensions).

I could not find a concise quote for the Monty Python eurojoke, but here is one set of fly-in-the-soup jokes.

Tuesday Jul 18, 2006

JAX-WS and Applets ... and NetBeans and Dilbert

A Dilbert Cartoon inside a browser

Here are three blogs by Sameer, Geertjan and Cay in the area of Web Services on downloaded rich clients.

In the first blog, Sameer describes how to Use JAX-WS from within an Applet; then Geertjan elaborates on it using NetBeans in his entry on JAX-WS, Applets and Dilbert (that is why there is a Dilbert Cartoon in the image). Sameer then describes how to convert this into a Java Web Start application with a simple JNLP Configuration.

The area where things get more complicated is around signing the JARs (documentation); Cay's most recent blog Raises Usability Questions; also see the comments to that blog and those for Stan's Blog. Let me see if I can get Tim and Vince involved in this thread; they have been Posting on Java Web Start for a number of months.

BTW, check the Dilbert entry from This Sunday. I think most of us will appreciate it... :-) :-).

Monday Feb 27, 2006

GlassFish, I do!

GF Marrying An Alien and a Human

GlassFish At Last Connecting the Whole Universe...

See All Cartoons.

Monday Feb 20, 2006

High Tech Chariot: GlassFish and NetBeans

A Modern Day Chariot: NB & GF

The latest cartoon from Kazem.

Wednesday Feb 01, 2006

GlassFish Rocks

GF rocking the bugs!

The latest cartoon from Kazem.

Note the new category. I'll go over his previous entries and tag them correctly later today.

Added - We no longer have a "cartoon" category, but I've added a cartoon tag to all relevant entries.

Wednesday Jan 25, 2006

Self-Management Cartoon!

GlassFish Self-Management

The latest cartoon from Kazem builds on self-management in GlassFish.

Looks like we may have an almost-official cartoonist for GlassFish; we may have to put together a standing exhibition.

Monday Jan 16, 2006

GlassFish - The Atlas of the Web!

GlassFish as Atlas holding the world

Kazem has a nice cartoon entry of GlassFish as Atlas.

Many more cartoons, on many topics, at Kazem's blog site. Those I liked on software include fish friends, also on GlassFish, and kiddo, on OpenSolaris, and...

Kazem has a whole collection on bugs, including nightmare of complexity bug, the tragedy of bugglet, reincarnating bug, forget Java, bugus ancestrus, the integrity of a bug, trusting a bug, young bug, and more...