Tuesday Feb 19, 2008

More retailers buying into GlassFish - Carrefour

Carrefour Belgium logo

Carrefour is the #1 European retail company (#2 worldwide) and the 9th largest employer worldwide. Its Belgium subsidiary is now using GlassFish in production.

This is a fairly tactical use of GlassFish to solve an integration problem between their SAP backend and their account synchronization tool. Interestingly enough this runs on a set of IBM blades (read all the questionnaire here).

A more strategic approach for GlassFish is scheduled by Carrefour Belgium with the use of the forthcoming Java CAPS Release 6 product. This is Sun's SOA suite building on the SeeBeyond and OpenESB technologies to deliver a Java EE 5-based (GlassFish) complete solution for composite applications.

Make sure you read the details on this GlassFish story. Clearly, European retailers are making good use of GlassFish.