Saturday Mar 22, 2008

Java Load Balancer and other SailFin-Driven Improvements

We are getting closer to the next GF releases (see my Previous Overview), we are seeing more features from the GFv2.1/SailFin release. Recent entries include:


• Shoal Extended with Multi-Group Membership, used in...
• Setting Load Balancers via the Converged Load Balancer (CLB).
• Improved Call Flow Monitoring that supports SIP requests.
• Flexible Application Routers

The last two are more specific to the SIP case, but the general facility of multi-group membership should be useful to many Shoal applications, and a Java-based CLB should simplify at the least the simple LB situations. I'll get more details on the the CLB and will report back.

Correction - CLB is only available in SailFin, not in the corresponding core GFv2.1. GlassFish v3 will include a java LoadBalancer. Thanks to Kshitiz for the correction.