Tuesday May 18, 2010

SailFin CAFE Series at DZone

Binod has started a series at DZone on SailFin CAFE:

Fundamentals, Part I: CommunicationBeans and Agents
Fundamentals, Part II: Communications and UserProcedures, w/ example

SIP is heating up but the programming of (SIP+HTTP) Converged Applications remains too complicated; a good framework like SailFin CAFE, which runs on both SailFin and Oracles CCAS, would help a lot.

Send feedback on CAFE to USERS@SailFin.

Sunday May 09, 2010

SailFin CAFE b29 Now Available - Simplifying Converged Applications

Binod announced the promotion of b29 of SailFin CAFE the server-side Java framework on top of JSR 289 (SIP Servlet 1.1) for developing SIP or Converged applications. SailFin CAFE was launched last June and runs on SailFin and on Oracles CCAS.

Key contributors to the team include Oracle and Ericsson's employees. Recent posts include, from Erik: User Procedures integrated in trunk and Using presence in CAFE, and, from Mohit, Call Forwarding in SailFin CAFE.

You can download b29 here; javadoc is here. Feedback and community support through the SailFin mailing lists. Relevant blogs at TheAquarium are tagged cafe and sailfin. Wikipedia fans should check out the entries for SIP and VoIP Clients.

Thursday Oct 01, 2009

Simplifying Converged Application Development

Sailfin logo

Gregory Bond was right, when he wrote, this is the year of converged application frameworks, while announcing Converge. The number of frameworks and libraries available for sip application development continue to increase.

Earlier this week, Richard Newman announced his Clojure SIP servlets library in the SailFin community. Take a look!.

SailFin CAFE is also shaping up well and development is in full swing with contributions from both Sun and Ericsson. Here are some(one, two) getting started guides for SailFin CAFE.

Thursday Jun 04, 2009

On the way to SailFin v3 - SailFin CAFE Launched


Sailfin CAFE is a new framework that simplifies the development of Converged Web apps. It can be used with Sailfin v2 and points to Sailfin v3. The project just launched and we want your feedback and participation. Check out Binod's Writeup, Sreeram's Mail Post and the slides from TS-4929 (id:contentbuilder / pw:doc789).

Sailfin CAFE is a key step towards yet another "v3" container in the GlassFish family joining GlassFish v3 Server (out in September) and OpenESB v3 - making good progress through Project Fuji. The WebSpace Server is also going v3 but they have not yet started working on their builds.