Sunday Dec 06, 2009

GlassFish v3 in Bangalore, Burlington and Santa Clara (and Beijing!)


We are hosting 3 parties on December 16th as part of the Launch of GlassFish v3:

• On Dec 16th, in Bangalore, 3pm IST (details, RSVP)
• On Dec 16th, in Burlington, 3pm EST (details, RSVP)
• On Dec 16th, in Santa Clara, 3pm PST (details, RSVP)

Let us know if you are aware of other celebrations!

Added Party on Dec 16th, in Beijing, 2pm China time. (details, RSVP).

Previously announced events include:

• On Dec 8th and 9th, Karen and Jerome will present at Sun TechDay in São Paolo
• On Dec 10th, Alexis will present in Paris in a Cocktail de l'info Java hosted by Demos
• On Dec 11th and 12th, Arun will Swim to Present at IndicThreads, in Pune.
• On Dec 15th, a day-long Virtual Conference.

All events are listed in our GlassFish Events Calendar.