Saturday Mar 07, 2009

PHP and GlassFish - Links Update

There are two basic approaches to make PHP on GlassFish Server; one is a PHP on JVM solution like Quercus from Caucho; the other is a bridge to a traditional PHP implementation, like the PHP JavaBridge or LRWPInJava.


A quick pass shows a number of references to these approaches:

• Quercus: Number 9, John Yeary, Sebastien, Gautam, Davis, Arun, Jason.
• JavaBridge: Davis, Jose-Diaz.
• LRWPInjava: Drupal Case Study.

The bridges are technically easier because many PHP packages are not written in PHP and need to be ported, but the PHP-on-JVM solution seems easier to deploy and manage. Of course, another, very practical, solution is to just use a web server like Apache or Sun Web Server :-)

I'm interested in your experience; if you are using PHP on/via GlassFish, please consider posting a comment describing your approach.