Tuesday Mar 03, 2015

JavaOne Latin America CFP extended to March 9th

By popular demand, the JavaOne Latin America Call For Papers deadline has been extended by a week. So if you haven't done so yet, make sure to submit your proposal(s) before March 9th (EOB)!

JavaOne Latin America will take place on June 23–25 in São Paulo - Brazil. Registration will open soon. For more information, check this site regularly.

Thursday Feb 12, 2015

JavaOne Is Coming to Brazil!

The flagship Java technology conference is returning to Latin America! JavaOne will take place on June 23–25 in São Paulo - Brazil.

We all know Brazilians are vocal Java supporters but clearly, this event open to all! And in order to have a strong Server-Side track, we need your support. So please make sure to submit your Java EE related proposals as soon as possible as there are only 2 weeks left to do so (the CFP is closing end of February).

Registration will open soon. For more information about JavaOne Latin America, you can check this site. Site which will be updated with more details as we get closer to the event.

Monday Dec 12, 2011

Java EE in Brazil with Juliano

A quick one on Arun's latest video from JavaOne Latin America with Oracle partner LogicStyle.

This is a short discussion on why and how Juliano Viana works on Java EE 6 with LogicStyle's customers and how he uses GlassFish for that (because it's "open source and lightweight").

You may remember Juliano from his Java EE and GlassFish conference in Portuguese earlier this year.

Java EE and GlassFish are literally around the world. Where would you like to see them next?


Sunday Nov 27, 2011

Another JavaOne Latin America around the corner

For the second year in a row, JavaOne is traveling to Latin America :
São Paulo on December 6-8, 2011 at the Transamerica Expo Center.


As with any such event, participants will be able to attend the Strategy, Technical and Community Keynotes, a large number of Sessions (including Hands-On Labs) which include a good number of local speakers chosen with a dedicated Call for Papers, and wander around the Exhibition Hall.

Both Java EE 6 and GlassFish will be well represented in keynotes, sessions and hands-on labs. You can follow updates to this upcoming conference on Twitter and of course Register!

New this year is the "Meet your Java gurus" geek bike ride that Fabiane and friends are organizing São Paulo on the Sunday prior to the conference. Sounds like fun!

Sunday Jul 10, 2011

Back from Brazil: Java 7 launch, Java EE.next

Brazil has been flooded with Java content and events in the past few weeks.

FISL, the largest South American open source conference, had a number of Java tracks. Arun has a report on this conference and the additional stops he made along the way (some slide decks in there too).


While Arun has left the country after two weeks of intense Java 7, Java EE and GlassFish presentations, the month of Java still has upcoming stops scheduled in Fortaleza, Natal, Salvador, Toledo, and Maringa.

And if you're not in Brazil, check out the schedule of nearby JUGs. Chances are there's a Java 7-related event coming up shortly.

Tuesday Jun 28, 2011

Replay of the Brazilian Java EE and GlassFish 3 Webinar

Here's the replay of LogicStyle's Juliano Viana's "Java EE 6 e GlassFish Server 3.1: Simplicidade + Leveza = Produtividade" webinar.

More webinar replays are available from http://glassfish.org/webinars.

Friday Jun 24, 2011

Jazoon, JAX California, and Brazilian week - it's conference season again

Sparky is on the road again with GlassFish presence around the world in multiple conferences. This past week Jazoon in Zurich had Java EE, GlassFish, JAX-RS, Servlet, JSF all covered while JAX in California also had a good number of Java EE-related talks (see this Java EE 7 article).


FISL, the largest Open Source conference in Brazil (7500 participants last year) is coming up this week with OpenJDK, GlassFish, JavaFX, NetBeans, Java EE 7, and of course JDK 7 all covered by subject matter experts.

Expect most of these talks and possibly demos to show up here on TheAquarium, on slideshare or on our YouTube channel.

Sunday Jun 12, 2011

Upcoming : Brazilian and Clustering Webinars

We have two more upcoming webinars for this month of June :

Java EE 6 e GlassFish Server 3.1: Simplicidade + Leveza = Produtividade (in Portuguese, done by an Oracle Partner) - Quarta-feira, 22 de Junho de 2011 - 14:00 Brasil, 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET / 19.00 CT. Register!

GlassFish Webinar

High Availability, Clustering and GlassFish Server 3.1 (covering all aspects of clustering, from install and admin experience to impact on Java EE constructs) - Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET / 19.00 CT. Register!

As always, we'll have live chatting with the presenter and a number of other GlassFish engineers. See you there!

Thursday Jan 20, 2011

More GlassFish Stories (from Brazil) - Logicstyle/EGESA Engineering & CEjug

Logicstyle CEjug

Arun's recent trip to Brazil was productive in generating GlassFish "stories". You can now read about them on those two entries:

"CEJUG - Manage your JUGs using GlassFish"
"EGESA Engineering avoids framework explosion with Java EE 6"

Both entries come with detailed questionnaires intended to share further details from these GlassFish production users with the rest of the community. In both cases Java EE 6 and GlassFish 3 were carefully chosen to fit the bill with little to no additional frameworks or third-party libraries. CDI, EJB, and JSF are all put to work in these ISV and community uses of GlassFish in production.

Sunday Dec 05, 2010

JavaOne going international - Sao Paulo & Beijing!

JavaOne Brazil and China are now around the corner and several of us on the GlassFish team have been busy preparing for both of those events. Specifically, Ludo, Arun (see his blog post), Jerome, Alexandra, Roberto and Alexis will be traveling to deliver technical keynotes, hands-on labs, technical sessions, and to staff the DEMOgrounds pods.

We know this will be a great opportunity to meet existing and new Java EE developers as well as GlassFish users. So come and talk to us if you're attending on or the other!

The Sao Paulo event (see previous post) starts this Tuesday and seems to have already created some excitement among the local Java community with Fabiane Nardon and "JavaMan" Bruno Souza as key stakeholders in the event organization including the JavaOne call for papers.

The Beijing event is coming up a week later (Jan 13th) and will have very similar content. Every English presentation will also be offered in Chinese (slides + simultaneous translation) which is putting some pressure on the speakers to avoid the "too much content" syndrome. This will be held at National Convention Center, right next to the Olympic stadiums (the "bird's nest" and the Aquatics Center).

Final content and schedule for both events are now available. Let the show and fun begin!

Thursday Oct 07, 2010

JavaOne Brasil - 7 a 9 de Dezembro de 2010

Este anos nós teremos um JavaOne no Brazil, em São Paulo. Se me recordo corretamente, esta será apenas a terceira vez que estaremos fazendo um JavaOne fora dos Estados Unidos - o primeiro foi o JavaOne Japão 2001 (O'Reilly) e o segundo JavaOne Japão 2002 (oportunidade de contribuição: corrija a Página e Portal da Wikipedia).

Eu apresentei em Yokohama em 2001 e foi um excelente evento; tenho certeza que São Paulo será pelo menos tão bom quanto foi aquele.

Datas importantes:

  • Prazo para submissão: 8 de Outubro, 2010 (ou seja SEXTA-FEIRA!)
  • Retorno das avaliações das propostas: 27 de Outubro, 2010
  • Evento: 7 a 9 de Dezembro, 2010

Alguns key importantes:

@fabianenardon deu algumas dicas sobre o evento:

  • # Palestrantes do JavaOne Brazil ganham um ingresso gratuito para participar do evento. Mais uma razão para submeter a sua palestra! (tweet)
  • Você sabe que pode mandar palestras para o JavaOne Brasil em português, né? O deadline tá chegando... (tweet)
  • Melhores práticas, estudos de caso, dicas técnicas, novas idéias... este tipo de propostas são sempre bem-vindas no JavaOne (tweet)
  • Uma dica: geralmente, o maior número de propostas é enviada para a trilha JavaEE. Então, tente submeter alguma coisa diferente para o JavaOne Brasil. (tweet)
  • Para quem vai submeter palestras para o #JavaOneBrasil, o blog da @yarasenger é imperdível. http://bit.ly/92Ymxw (tweet)

Submeta e participe. O Brasil é o maior país da América Latina e o quinto do mundo, é o B em BRIC, e é cheio de grandes Brasileiros; eles merecem um excelente JavaOne!

Thanks to Fabiane for the translation.

Wednesday Oct 06, 2010

JavaOne Brazil - Dec 7th to Dec 9th, 2010

This year we will have a JavaOne in Brazil in São Paulo. IIRC, this is will be just the third time we are hosting a JavaOne outside the US - the first one was JavaOne Japan 2001 (O'Reilly) and the second JavaOne Japan 2002 (contribution opportunity: fix the Wikipedia Page and Portal).

I presented at Yokohama in 2001 and it was a great event; I'm sure that São Paulo will be at least as good.

Key dates:

  • Deadline for Submission: Oct 8th, 2010 (that is FRIDAY!)
  • Feedback on Presentations: Oct 27th, 2010
  • Event: Dec 7th through Dec 9th, 2010.

Some key links:

@fabianenardon has been giving advice about the event:

  • JavaOne Brazil speakers get a free pass to the conference. One more reason to submit your talk! (tweet)
  • Você sabe que pode mandar palestras para o JavaOne Brasil em português, né? O deadline tá chegando... (tweet)
  • Best practices, case studies, technical tips, new ideas... these kind of proposals are always welcome in JavaOne. (tweet)
  • A tip: usually, the largest number of proposals is sent to the JavaEE track. So, try to submit something different to JavaOne Brasil. (tweet)
  • Para quem vai submeter palestras para o #JavaOneBrasil, o blog da @yarasenger é imperdível. http://bit.ly/92Ymxw (tweet)

Submit and attend. Brazil is the largest country in South America and the 5th in the world, the B in BRIC, and is full of great Brazilians; it deserves a great JavaOne!

Monday Jun 22, 2009

FISL Preview - GlassFish, Hudson, Jersey, OpenSSO, OpenDS and more...


The 10th FISL starts this week. Like previous years, it looks like a lot of fun: the Program is full of good content, and there is also Porto Alegre... FISL starts on the 24th and it is preceded by Javali, an event focused on Java, on the 23rd (Agenda).

I did a quick pass through the FISL program to highlight some sessions, including those related to GlassFish Projects and friends:

• Arun on GF, MySQL and NetBeans (S205) (Arun's note)
• Mauricio on OSGi in GFv3 (S736)
• Ludo will talk about OpenDS (S473) (Ludo's note)
• Fabiane on Hudson (S733)
• Pat on OpenSSO (S360) (Pat's note)
• Fabio Veloso on Jersey (S282)

Other talks related to GlassFish include

• On OpenJDK, Bruno (S734) and Charlie (S226)
• On OpenSolaris Rafael (S600) and Brian (S749)
• On NetBeans et al, Geertjan (S735), and
• On OSS, Simon (S757),

I wish I was there! If you attend FISL or Javali, please report back.

Thursday Mar 12, 2009

Launching Portuguese Edition of TheAquarium


Marcelo Souza has started a Brazilian Portuguese edition of TheAquarium. With this addition we will have 7 editions: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

Alexis is planning a french edition and I am going to restart the spanish edition. Please let us know if you are interested in additional editions; due to logistical reasons related to how authoring is managed at Blogs.Sun.Com we can only easily leverage help from Sun employees, but that includes Sun Campus Ambassadors.