Friday Oct 10, 2008

... FunRadio, Grizzly2 Progress, UpdateCenter 2 RC4, BPEL Migration, MacBooks

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

We had already mentioned that RTL Uses GlassFish. RTL Group is the largest TV, Radio and production company in Europe. is one of their companies (Website) and they are now also running on GlassFish (v2 U1).

Oleksiy writes about the Roadmap and the Recent Updates for Grizzly 2. Oleksiy and JeanFrancois recently gave a Webinar on this topic at TheAquarium Online that goes into plenty of detail (wiki page, SlideShare).

More UpdateCenter 2 progress getting ready for GFv3 Prelude. Chris (Kampemier) points to the RC 4 build and Chris (Kasso) explains how the Desktop Notifier works.

One of the key technologies in OpenESB (and thus on GlassFish ESB) is BPEL. There are differences between the old (1.1) and the new (2.0) standard; check out the new BPEL Migration page.

Apple is getting ready to release new notebooks. I admire the way Apple/Steve focuses in delivering "got-to-have" products, and I expect this event to be no different. We Will Find out on the 14th...

Tuesday Jul 04, 2006

Learning BPEL - Blogs by Gopalan

Photo of Gopalan

Gopalan has been doing a whole collection of good writeups that would be very useful to learn BPEL. Gopalan is in the team that works on OpenESB (includes JBI); most of his entries relate strictly to BPEL but some address specifically BPEL and JBI. Gopalan, Ron, and John are some of the bloggers I enjoy reading in this area.

Entries on BPEL include:

What are Correlation, Message Property, Property Alias, and Correlation Set
What are PartnerLinkTypes, Roles, and PartnerLinks
The BPEL Mapper
The BPEL Debugger

Entries on the intersection on BPEL and JBI include:

The WS-BPEL JBI Service Engine
The HTTP/SOAP JBI Binding Component
Insurance Claim Scenario: Orchestration using BPEL and JBI - This is based on J1 TS, see nice review
• Nice Follow-up Article based on the above (Ron's recommendation, TA spotlight).