Saturday Jul 19, 2008

Blueprints Wiki - Best Practices on ZFS, MySQL, Hadoop, and much more

I just bumped into the Sun BluePrints Wiki and I think it is worth a visit. It is a companion to the BluePrints Blog and part of the move towards Self-Published Content at Sun, which increases agility and responsiveness to user's needs.

The Recent Content page lists chronologically the latest changes. The more recent entries are created in Wiki format, while the earlier ones are PDF attachments.

Some of the documents that caught my attention include:


Hadoop Primer
Optimizing MySQL Server on x64 Servers and Storage
Configure J4000 and ZFS in 10 Minutes
Modularity in Data Center Design
Using SSD instead of HDD
• V12N Entries: Solaris HW, LDOMs & CMT, LDOMs & IO, xVM Hypervisor.

Tuesday Jul 18, 2006

More AJAX, Java Persistence and JSF at Java Blueprints

Photo of Mark Basler

Mark summarizes a recent Update to Java Blueprints that includes new samples in AJAX, Java Persistence and JavaServer Faces. Mark's blog is very clear and provides links and descriptions to all the components. The Blueprints Catalog web site has also been updated; there is now an entry page to the AJAX and Java EE Solutions and one for Java Persistence API.

The Java Blueprints Catalog is also integrated within NetBeans, and Geertjan talks about the benefits of the integration (I believe his screenshots are for NB 5.5 beta 2, which will be out very soon).