Sunday Apr 13, 2008

Blojsom 3 on Glassfish v2


Soren has an updated set of instructions for Running Blojsom on GF, updating an Older Post. More Blojsom information at their website.

Thursday Nov 02, 2006

RoR and Blojsom and more Web 2.0 Apps on Sun Web Server

Rails Logo

Sun's WebServer 7.0 provides a Java Web Tier as well as good connectivity (NSAPI, Fast-CGI) with many non-Java applications. As an example of the former, Seema also shows how to run Blojsom, which follows from Blojsom on GlassFish, as did our previously reported Phobos on Web Server. As an example of the latter, Seema describes in detail how to Run Ruby On Rails.

All together, the Sun WebServer is a good Web 2.0 Platform, and it will get better as one will be able to run the latest Java Web Tier by Plugging the GlassFish Web Tier.

Tuesday Feb 28, 2006

Using Blojsom with GlassFish

Blojsom Logo

We earlier reported on Roller. Another popular Blogging Sofware is Blojsom; for example it is used in Mac OS X Tiger Server Weblog Server. Siraj just wrote that Blojsom runs on GlassFish; more details in his blog.