Monday Mar 10, 2008

Configuring Roller with Memcached

Memcached Architecture Diagram

Memcached is the popular distributed cache system (often used with MySQL) that was developed for LiveJournal (Article, Wikipedia, Website). One of many sites using memcached is BSC and Dave has two recent writeups on the topic: The Roller Caching API, and Using Memcached with Roller.

And, on this topic, there has been good progress in the Webstack optimizing memcached for Solaris. Check Trond's articles on Configuration, the Latest Release and more. Also don't miss Patrick's Latest release of the Memcached Functions for MySQL.

Saturday Sep 29, 2007

A Milestone - GlassFish has 7 Entries in BSC's List of Popular Blogs

Yesterday (Friday) was a (minor?) milestone: we had 7 blogs in the Popular Blogs list at Blogs.Sun.Com:

Clips from a Snapshot of Blogs.Sun.Com

The Aquarium
Miles to go...
The Clingan Zone
The Aquarium (japanese)
The Portal Post
The Aquarium (russian)

Check out the snapshot image.

Nice to see the TA(japanese) in there! We are still trying to Restart more TA Translations, and I still have hopes for my new blog :-).

Thursday Jul 19, 2007

New Front Page at Blogs.Sun.Com - And Using the Tags Feed Streams

GlassFish v2 Duke

Blogs.Sun.Com is rolling out a new front page that includes a tag cloud and gives additional visibility to new bloggers.

The tag cloud is similar to the one we use at TheAquarium except that it covers all posts at Blogs.Sun.Com and the presentation is different; compare this to this.