Tuesday Sep 04, 2007

Number 9 - GlassFish from the UK

I am planning to start highlighting some of our regular contributors from around the world.


Number 9 (Dick Davies) regularly covers GlassFish and Solaris from the UK. I like his posts, they are useful, very detailed and tie things nicely together.

Some of Number 9's blogs on GlassFish include:

Adding SSL Keypairs to Java Keystores
Sharing JVMs Across Zones
Roller on GlassFish
SMF GlassFish on Port 80
DTracing Zoned JVMs
GlassFish in a Zone

Check out Number 9, specially if you are using (or are considering using) GlassFish on Solaris!

PS - I am not sure why the blog is called number 9; my best guess would be because of Hello, Operator from The White Stripes, but I'm sure Dick will correct me :-)... While searching I also found this very Nice Set of Photos) posted by a Number 9!