Thursday Sep 18, 2008

... JavaZone News, Building GF, Full Duplex, Free Hosting, S2 and JBoss and BlackBox XD,

A compilation of today's news of interest:

Radio Receiver Icon

Alexis reports from JavaZone about his presentation on Scripting in GlassFish v3 and reports it was Standing Room Only! JavaZone seems a Nice Conference; maybe Alexis will have some pics to post?.

Also from Alexis, a quick recipe for Building GFv2 from Source, in response to some questions in the mailing lists. Be sure to check the comments for clarifications on testing configurations.

John recently became a committer into Grizzly. He already contributed a tutorial on Writing a Protocol using Grizzly and now has mutated that into an implementation of HTTP Chunked Transfer Coding - see his writeup on Full Duplex communication.

Alex de Marco followed on the free hosting offer from OStatic and already qualified and seems very happy... and, to, give back, he provides a Quick Start Guide on his virtualized container.

Release Noises Galore: SpringSource is getting ready their Apache Tomcat-based server, now under the new name ofdm Server RC2... and JBoss now has a Java EE 5-Certified JBoss 5 RC2. I guess I could have filed this under the battle of the RC2s! S2 promises a final release in 2 weeks, JBoss in around 6 - we will see...

And on the big-toys front, a new version of BlackBox, the MD D20. I initially thought it would be using a longer container but it is still a 20 footer, just with different internal layout - clearly customer-driven. See the Technical Specs and the overview from On The Record.

Monday Jan 28, 2008

BlackBox is Shipping!

Remember Blackbox, the "Data Center in a Shipping Container"? It is now shipping!

The official name is Sun Modular Datacenter S20. Read from some Customers or see its World Tour.

Monday Jul 16, 2007

NOTD - ReThinking The Box - First BlackBox Delivered

Blackbox on a Crane

I can't resist... I am a fan of the "rethink the box" attitude of Project Blackbox and they just shipped to their first customer... Check the Press Article and the SlashDot coverage, and Pauls' writeup for details.

Or go look at the Time-lapsed movie of the installation. It starts at 6am, and the whole thing is done by 11:26am! Way to go!

Other recent "rethinkings" from the Sun hardware team include: Constellation (Blog, movie, press) and Thumper. The new Blade Chasis is pretty cool too, although arguably does not have the same Wow! factor.