Monday Nov 22, 2010

NetBeans 7.0 Beta is here!


With the recent JSR announcement you may have missed the release of NetBeans 7.0 Beta. Adding to the long list of server-side enhancements (Java EE 6, GlassFish, WebLogic, JBoss) described in this earlier post, support for JDK 7 and for Maven 3 are probably the two main features in this release.

Once you've installed and configured a recent build of OpenJDK, you can now select "JDK 7" as a target platform in the IDE. This will cause the NetBeans built-in parser to start using the new javac compiler and thus support new language constructs such as Strings in switch, the diamond operator, multi-catch, etc... NetBeans also integrates a number of hints to help you refactor existing code into something more terse. More details on this page. Update: Arun has pushed out a screencast to illustrate this all.

This interview will NetBeans developer Jesse Glick goes into interesting details about the full support of Maven 3 in this new release. Similar to the JDK 7 case above, the IDE does not reinvent the wheel but rather "the IDE is using the official Maven 3.0 code to parse your project" (so no "import" step required). The tool can also search Maven repositories when class definition are missing. Repository browsing & searching, graphical representation of dependencies while preserving the "compile on save" and increasing overall performance are all now part of NetBeans 7.0 beta.

You may also have missed this episode of the Java Spotlight Podcast which features an interview with the NetBeans boss at Oracle.

Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 Beta is out - GlassFish 'Prelude' included

NetBeans 6.5 logo

NetBeans 6.5 beta is now available. The download page is a good place to get a first glimpse at the new features: JavaScript, Groovy, PHP, and more Java. The New and noteworthy document is another detailed resource (note that Milestone 2 = Beta).

GlassFish v3 "Prelude" (what is "v3 Prelude"?) is included in the "Java Build" (124 MB) but also in the "Ruby" build (38 MB). In addition, these two quite self-explanatory features have been added: "Deploy-on-Change", "Compile-on-Save".

Both NetBeans and GlassFish are moving into being much larger than Java, the language.
Full roadmap for this NetBeans 6.5 release is here.

Friday Jun 15, 2007

Reduce your Bandwidth Usage by Half, and other Reasons to Upgrade to GlassFish version 2

Get yourself an upgrade!

Upgrading can be troublesome and human being are reluctant to change by nature, but sometimes it's just too good to miss out. Glen Smith is reporting why and how HTTP Compression Support and much improved virtual domains made the difference for him.

If you're concerned with preserving your GlassFish configuration, you should read Shalini's GlassFish upgrade story.

Other new GlassFish v2 Web Container features (Comet, WebDAV, SSL non-blocking nio, Asynchronous Request Processing and a lot more) are listed here. While Grizzly and more generally the Web Container have had substantial improvements, Clustering is probably the most important new feature in GlassFish version 2.

Whatever your favorite feature, make sure you try the beta version and report your experience.

Friday May 04, 2007

GlassFish v2 beta 2 is out

GlassFish v2

The GlassFish v2 beta 2 bits are now available.
For the curious out there, it's build 41d (beta 2 candidate 5).

New in GlassFish v2:
•  Clustering, Load Balancing, High Availability (HA)
•  Microsoft interoperability with Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT)
•  Improved Performance
•  Next-generation Web with Ajax, Scripting, and RESTful Web services

New in Beta 2:
• Fixed many bugs between beta1 and beta2
• Fixed performance issue with in-mem replication feature
• Admin GUI is now fully feature complete
• More modules in GF update center

Schedule: Final release date (latest estimate) is September 17th.

Tools: The recommended NetBeans version is 5.5.1 (RC1) although NetBeans 6 Milestone 9 also bundles GlassFish v2 beta 2.

Wednesday Feb 22, 2006

GlassFish going international


Announcments [1], [2] about NetBeans and Java EE 5 SDK were out yesterday in different lanuages. Here is the Spanish translation of Tony's blog describing the differences between the RI, SJSAS 9.0 and GlassFish. Users who speak German can get instructions on getting started with GlassFish as well as ask questions on a forum.

Last week Xiaojun Zhang blogged about writing a web service on GlassFish. And previously Eduardo has highlighted blogs he found in Italian and Spanish. We would love to have more content in different languages so if you can help translate the QuickStart Guide or one of the numerous blogs on the Tech tips and Atricles page, please let us know.