Saturday Aug 23, 2008

... Arun in Berlin, GlassFish MEP, WebLogic, JBoss 5,

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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Arun will be in Berlin for the Rails Conf and is already planning other visits. So far he is already planning a visit to the Berling JUG and TU; contact him if your group (or company) is interested in chatting about GlassFish et al.

Ryan has been covering the client side of GlassFish MEP: first check out his Mobile Client SDK Overview, then a Closer look to the MCBI API and finally, the first part of Developing MEP Clients. The server side is covered by Santiago and Art, check out MEP. Also don't miss the JavaOne Slides on MEP.

Oracle has Announced WebLogic 10g R3 (InfoQ Announcement) their first release of since their acquisition of BEA. The release seems an evolution of their previous direction, with price hikes tossed in.

Sacha writes about their first JavaEE 5-based GA release, JBoss 5, due in "a couple of months". Since he compares it to GlassFish, I'll note that our third JavaEE 5-based major release, GFv3 Prelude, is due in mid-October, after GFv1 - May 06 - and GFv2 - Sept 07.

Also, I Will be away on a trip for the next 3 days, so don't expect any posts until Wednesday.