Sunday Oct 23, 2011

It ain't your dad's J2EE application server

With the fairly large number of Java EE 6-compliant implementations, both for the full platform and the web profile, Antonio Goncalves put out a new post comparing startup time and memory footprint of different products.

Of all the Java EE servers, GlassFish comes out second to Resin, by a small margin, on startup time (less than two seconds), and second to TomEE on memory footprint. This shows that the innovative architecture GlassFish pioneered is still paying off as others are coming to market with similar goals and architectures.


As Antonio clearly states, this is not a benchmark but rather a way to realize how much lighter-weight almost all servers have become. Coupled with the radical simplification of Java EE 6, that's two major arguments to look into the standard Java EE platform to cover all your enterprise Java needs, that is if you're not using it already.