Tuesday Aug 03, 2010

GlassFish Community Meeting During JavaOne

We just got access to a room in Moscone West for a GlassFish community event in the spirit of the unconference we have done these last few years (2008, 2009). The event would be the afternoon of the Sunday before J1, Sept 19th.  We are still working out how widely available can we make the event, but if you can certainly attend if have any pass for any of JavaOne, Oracle OpenWorld, or Oracle Develop.

Before committing to content and more details, we want to gauge the level of interest, so please sign up at our Community Wiki, with information on availability and interests.

Ah, and we are still exploring the party situation:-)

Friday Jun 26, 2009

What's JeOS, and Why You Should Care?

Earlier in the month, we announced a Virtual Image for WebSpace. In the note I mentioned that that image included a "JeOS OpenSolaris Prototype", and that effort was Formaly Announcement on Tuesday. JeOSs play an important piece of the virtualization story, so here is a set of links to get you up to speed quickly.


JeOS stands for "Just Enough OS" ("just right" as with the Three Bears). JeOS is usually described as including the JeOS media ( OS core {Kernel,Drives,Login} + OS Mimimum maintenance tools + Minimum user space tools ) + Packages repository (DVD or Network based). The term is relatively new; an early (initial?) reference seems to be from Jordi's; also see Cocktail.

There are different JeOS depending on what OS they are based. Linux is currently a popular base; three variants are Ubuntu JeOS (Wikipedia, WebSite, and How to use it), Oracle (Oracle EL JeOS and Product Page) and Novell (Novell SUSE JeOS, LimeJeOS Blog details).

We believe that there are some benefits in having an OpenSolaris based JeOS, and several folks have been working on that. The Announcement Above is part of that process; more links in follow-up notes.