Friday Jul 15, 2011

BeanValidation 1.1 is now JSR 349

JBoss' Emmanuel Bernard has submitted Bean Validation 1.1 as JSR 349. This version should be part of Java EE 7 and an important goal for this release is further integration with other platform JSRs.

In addition to JSF and JPA, integrations with JAX-RS, JAXB, CDI and EJB are also considered. Other important evolutions include a potential API to validate parameters and return values of method calls as well as another API to declare constraints (as opposed to annotations today). The JSR page and this earlier blog post have more details.

Note that the current Bean Validation API can also very much be used with JavaSE. Ballot results for this JSR are due on July 25th, 2011.

Sunday Mar 06, 2011

Java EE 7 - because the platform is greater than the sum of its parts

With Java EE 7 currently in the ballot alongside with some of its constituting JSRs (and others already on their way), it's now time for some non-Oracle-lead JSRs to start their work and BeanValidation 1.0 spec lead Emmanuel Bernard has an idea or two on what the expert group should focus on for the next release.

In fact, the list of features is quite precise starting with "Integration with other specs". This will go beyond the JPA and JSF integration done as part of BeanValidation 1.0 and extend the scope to JAX-RS parameters, JAXB, CDI, and more JPA, taking the idea of specifications designed to work together (a recent theme introduced in Java EE 6) yet one step further. Emmanuel's post already has a nice set of comments and further feedback can be shared on the Bean Validation forum.

Some more JSRs we should soon hear from : JSR-107 (JCache), and maybe others.
Java EE 7, if it passes the current ballot, is currently scheduled to deliver in the second half of 2012.

Friday May 07, 2010

Lucky Dog And Bean Validation

Lance has published a new entry showing a simple Example of Bean Validation (JSR 303) in conjunction with Java SE and Java DB (Oracle's distribution based on Apache Derby). The post uses Eclipse and includes detailed instructions and code.

You probably know Lance as the JDBC 4.0 spec lead (aka JSR 221), or as the lead for Java Partner Engineering - and I just noticed his side (main?) interest teaching tennis via his website: Lucky dog Tennis.

Tuesday Jan 13, 2009

Public Review Drafts of JSF 2.0, Servlet 3.0 and JCA 1.6 Approved by the JCP

A quick update: the JCP SE/EE EC has approved all the Java EE 6 specs in the first batch of votes mentioned in our Jan 6th Report:


Vote results for JSF 2.0 (Ed Burns & Roger Kitain, JSR 314, @TA )
Vote results for Servlet 3.0 (Rajiv Mordani, JSR 315, @TA )
Vote results for JCA 1.6 (Binod PG & Sivakumar Thyagarajan, JSR 322, @TA )

EJB 3.1 (results) and JPA 2.0 (results), were approved previously; Bean Validation, WebBeans will go to vote on Feb 3rd.

Monday Jan 05, 2009

Java EE 6 - JCP Update...

During the break, I noticed that the Bean Validation spec had gone into Public Review Draft. That spec is the last of the batch being considered for JavaEE 6. Below is a full list based on a pass through JCP (will adjust if I missed any); all of them are either in PRD or past it; the only exception is Java EE 6 itself (JSR 316) which, by definition, lags them all.


• WebBeans (Gavin King, JSR 299, @TA )
• Bean Validation (Emmanuel Bernard, JSR 303, @TA )
• JSF 2.0 (Ed Burns & Roger Kitain, JSR 314, @TA )
• Servlet 3.0 (Rajiv Mordani, JSR 315, @TA )
• JPA 2.0 (Linda DeMichiel, JSR 317, @TA )
• EJB 3.1 (Ken Saks, JSR 318 @TA )
• JCA 1.6 (Binod PG & Sivakumar Thyagarajan, JSR 322, @TA )

Some of these specs have already been voted on: EJB 3.1 (results) and JPA 2.0 (results); for some others the vote starts on Jan 6th: JCA 1.6, Servlet 3.0, JSF 2.0, and a last batch starts on Feb 3rd: Bean Validation, WebBeans.