Thursday Jan 10, 2008

NOTD - Comet and Grizzly slides posted

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Jean-François "Grizzly" Arcand has posted two slide decks he used last month during his European tour :

• Grizzly (covers basics, use in GlassFish V3, and the recent 1.7 release)
• Comet, aka Ajax Push (if you ask Jean-François, it's the best thing since slided bread, and who knows, he may be right :)

Thursday Nov 08, 2007

Comet Spec (Bayeux) Update for Grizzly and GlassFish

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Grizzly has been updated to the latest Bayeux Spec. This includes all the distributions including Grizzly 1.0.19, GlassFish v2.1 (9.1ur1 b09), Sailfin and Grizzly snapshots/1.6.2. GlassFish v3 will follow soon.

For more details, check out JFA's note.

Saturday Jun 23, 2007

Get up to comet speed with latest GlassFish build

Comet Kohoutek (1973)

Comet (also known as "Long Lived HTTP Connections" or "Ajax Push") lets server-side applications notify changes to its clients (Server-Initiated Message Delivery). Typical use-cases include chat, document-sharing application or much more ambitious architectures.

Bayeux is a JSON-based protocol specification of Comet and gCometd is the name of the implementation inside Grizzly 1.0.11+ (DOJO or Ajax only) and GlassFish v2 b35+ (JSP, JSF, servlet).

The Comet/Bayeux spec (0.1draft5) released by the Dojo foundation couple of months ago is now supported in GlassFish v2 build 52. Unfortunately, this specification breaks most comet clients. Jean-François "Grizzly" Arcand recommends that you update to the new DOJO library if that's what you're using (and you probably should be since writing a Bayeux client isn't trivial).

More generally on Comet, check out:

• Comet Basics
• A good presentation
• Writing a Comet web application using GlassFish
• This simple, yet very cool demo.